Semester Off-Campus Student Blogs

Fall 2016

      Jessica Nordhagen

Jessica Nordhagen
Study Abroad Semester in Spain

Junior, Spanish major and History and Sociology minor

...After landing in Madrid and getting our passports stamped at customs we got some food and (after some searching and train hopping) got on a train to Seville.
   Mi señora was waiting with the others at the train station so we could all catch taxis together. She turned out to be really nice and would ask my roommate and I questions about ourselves and where we're from..

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       Annelie Haberman

Annelie Haberman
Study Abroad Peru

Senior, English major and Spanish major

...I’m here! I finally got to Cusco. Everything went well during the trip. It was easier than I thought. It’s interesting because during the summer and all the last week before the trip, my stress level was increasing. I’ve never traveled outside the U.S. before (because Canada doesn’t count – sorry Megan) and I didn’t know what to expect......

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           Kahlia Knox                                                                   

Kahlia Knox
Study Abroad London

Junior, Art major

...I have always been incredibly fascinated with other parts of the world and have wanted nothing more than to travel and learn about different cultures and their history. I have always been particularly drawn to England, and reveled in learning about the culture, so I was blown away by the chance to study there. What better way to learn about a culture than to study there? .....

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Kaitlyn Groshong
Study Abroad Lithuania

Junior, Politics and International Studies major

...We had a few weeks of incredible weather, making it too easy for us to walk to the beach day after day. Unfortunately, it has started raining, and I continue to be warned that it will not stop. At least I’m prepared after living in Oregon for the last two years! I’ve made a quick list of some of the things that I have seen and done in the last few weeks.....

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    Alssya Reynolds                              

Alyssa Reynolds
Study Abroad Ecuador

Junior, Sociology major

...It’s been a month since I arrived in Quito, and I am loving life! Interestingly enough, the love of life has special significance to the country of Ecuador. So much so that the simple phrase “Ama la Vida” has been adopted at the national slogan.......

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