Semester Off-Campus Student Blogs

Summer 2016


Janet Benetiz
Study Abroad Costa Rica

Senior, Spanish and Social Work major

...The first day of school had a surprise for us was a feast for lunch. It was fun. I feel better being in school and being busy because then I do not think how much I miss my family. I love them both and I miss them but I talk to them every minute is hard to be so far from my parents and my brothers. To miss all my uncles and aunts and cousins. But this transition is good and I feel much more independent by almost all single-handedly having to figure everything. Of course the school has helped me and recommended places to shop or eat. Tica also helps my mom she cooks breakfast and dinner every day, wash our clothes, and clean. It has a good heart and been so kind......

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       Catherine McMahon                   

Catherine McMahon
Study Abroad Salamanca

Senior, Education major

...There have been so so many wonderful things happening in the past few days,that I keep forgetting I’ve only been in Salamanca since the 3rd.  So many things have changed, and so many of my prayers have been answered.....

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