See the world

At George Fox, you won't simply read about other cultures. You can experience them firsthand. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranks George Fox among the top 60 schools in the country in study abroad participation. More than half of our undergraduate students study abroad.

Whether you ...

... you will gain an increased understanding of our diverse world and develop a deeper appreciation for other cultures and people. Many students participate in both semester-long and a shorter-term immersive experience with university off-campus programs.

Your options

Juniors Abroad: Experience the world by studying and visiting locations such as the ancient pyramids of Egypt, studying art history in Europe, exploring the ecology and wildlife of Africa, on a three week tour with faculty members.  The university subsidizes these trips up to 50% of the actual cost.

Semester Abroad: Spend a whole semester overseas or in another part of the U.S.

"SpILgrimages": Be a global agent of change by serving on a short-term missions trip. Our students have served in South Africa, China, Argentina, Thailand, Malawi, Russia, Romania, Jamaica, Cuba, Brazil, India and the Philippines.