Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Central America

Faculty: Viki Defferding
Meeting Night: Monday


The study tour to Central America will focus on Christianity & Culture of Central America. We will compare and contrast the different cultures & religious beliefs we encounter in the various regions

that we visit as well as their development through a historical study. In classes, students will give presentations in class about history, culture, beliefs and other aspects important for our trip. They will also write a short paper, write reactions to some readings and learn some survival Spanish. A reflection/observation journal will be required on the trip.

We begin our study tour at the ancient Maya site of Copan, Honduras where we will learn about the early Maya culture that settled there and learn how that culture and its beliefs have influenced today’s society in this region. There are pyramids, temples and other structures, as well as tunnels to explore. Besides the ancient Maya ruins we will also visit a Maya-chorti Indian settlement in the hills above Copán Ruinas, the town that sprang up as a result of the excavations done at the Copán Archeological site. We will worship with local Believers and experience their unique cultural adaptations of the Christian Faith. On our way to El Salvador, we will visit the Basilica of Esquipulas, Guatemala that is famous for its Black Christ. In El Salvador we will visit a maya village that was buried by volcanic action much like that of Pompeii. Arriving in Costa Rica we will visit an even different indigenous group, the Kekoldie, visit the Basilica of Los Angeles & the Colonial Church of Orosí, as well as the Catedral metropolitana in San josé. In Costa Rica we will visit beaches, nature preserves and parks, a Kekoldie Indian settlement on the Carribbean, volcanos, hot springs, pineapple, banana, cacao (chocolate), medicinal herb and coffee plantations. We will truly experience the varied cultures and landscapes that make up Central America and worship with our Central American Brothers and Sisters. There will be a lot of outdoor activities on this trip including walking & hiking, climbing pyramids & temples, ziplining or canyoning, horseback riding, and snorkeling (weather permitting). This trip may include a homestay experience with a family in Honduras or Costa Rica.


Day1   Copan Ruinas, Honduras                   

Day2   Copán Archological. Site & museums; ancient beliefs                                 

Day3   Mass, Day with Honduran family, Church Service @ Iglesia Bautista Las Brisas

Day4   Mayatan Bilingual School, Guacamaya Bird Rescue Park              

Day5   Hacienda San Lucas, Los Sapos & La Pintada                      

Day6   To San Salvador via Esquipulas, Guatemala (Black Christ)              

Day7   San Salvador city tour including Bishop Romero museum                                                   

Day8   Costa Rica, Centro tour & Pre-Columbian Gold museum                 

Day 9   Volcano Irazú & Basilica                                                       

Day10 Santa Elena & Monteverde National Wildlife Reserve         

Day11 Zipline, Night hike through the Monteverde Wildlife Reserve        

Day12 Horseback Tour, *Canyoning (rappelling down waterfalls), Ranario                                             

Day13 Volcano Arenal, Baldi Hot Springs, night volcano viewing 

Day14 La Fortuna Waterfall Hike & Swim, Herb & medicinal garden

Day15 Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, *white-water rafting (class 3 & 4)                                             

Day16 Bird-watching Boat tour on Sarapiquí, Pineapple Tour                                                       

Day17 Puerto Viejo de Limón, visit Sloth sanctuary, beach time                                                     

Day18 Kekoldie Indigenous Community hike, visit Cacao Trails Chocolate & Medicinal Gardens, beach time                                        

Day19 Snorkeling @ Cahuita National Park, beach time                            

Day20 Return to San José                                                      

Day21 Café Britt Coffee Tour, Dinner & Folk dancing at Tiquicia (?)                      

Day22 To PDX

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