National Surveys

Repository of assessment surveys at George Fox University related to student learning and well-being.

Files are password-protected.  Contact the Academic Affairs Team for access.

NSSE - National Survey of Student Engagement



NSSE 2013

NSSE 2010

2010 Major Field Reports:

NSSE 2003

FSSE -- Faculty Survey of Student Engagement

HERI CIRP (Higher Ed. Research Institute - Cooperative Institutional Research Program)

2014 Faculty Survey

Highlights key areas of faculty’s engagement in teaching, research, and service activities. Also touches on faculty’s level of stress, satisfaction with their institution, and perspectives for undergraduate education.

HERI 2011 Senior Survey

HERI 2011 Freshmen Survey

HERI 2010 Faculty Survey

HERI 2009 Senior Survey

SAILS -- Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills

Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)


Results Report HTML PDF
Comparison with CCCU Institutions HTML PDF
Comparison with National 4-Year Privates HTML PDF
GFU Year-to-Year Report HTML PDF

SSI 2010

SSI 2008


Graduate Thriving Project