Data-Informed Decision Making

Examples of decisions at GFU that were strongly informed by data.

Program Data Source Core Theme* Data Description Actions
Student Life NSSE 1 Indicated a lack of UG student engagement on-campus over weekends, etc. Moved away from a student leadership model to a student activities position.
Student Life NSSE 1 Results on advising Formation of the IDEA Center and the many task forces we have had around these issues.
Student Life NSSE 3 Results on student engagement with others outside of their own ethnicity and background Used in the Diversity Committee and the office of inclusion to increase our efforts and effectiveness over time (particularly, as we developed programs and initiatives around the Blueprint, curriculum, etc.)
Student Life NSSE 1, 3 Data on working effectively with others Has been a key initiative within our student leadership program
Student Life ACHA-NCHA (college health) surveys 1 Assessment of current services and in planning strategies for improving services Decide programming interventions in residence halls; prioritize budget requests; seek grant funding for certain items

*Core Themes:

  1. Excellence in liberal arts foundation
  2. Excellence in professional preparation
  3. Christ-centered community
  4. Local and global engagement

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