Director, School of Nursing




 Job Description

The Director of the School of Nursing is responsible for the management and operation of all aspects of the program. Candidates must have a personal philosophy and lifestyle consistent with and supportive of the university’s mission and goals (see our website at  Candidates should value a climate that reflects the diversity of God’s kingdom, engaging in global concerns, and connecting with those from diverse cultures. This position reports to the Dean of the School of Behavioral and Health Sciences.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Set the vision and direction for the nursing program in consultation with the Dean of the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences. Development of such long- and short-term program goals will take into account national professional developments, local opportunities, and program/university strengths.
  • Oversee and maintain a high-quality nursing program. This will involve administrative oversight of the staff and faculty, responsive and cooperative work with the Board of Nursing and relevant accreditation agencies, and collaboration with faculty members to maintain academic standards and the support structures that enable students to succeed.  Specifically, the Director will:
  • Direct the assessment, revision, and development of curriculum.
  • Regularly evaluate, and update, policies related to admission, advancement, and graduation, that enhance student success.
  • Direct the evaluation of student learning, setting learning objectives, and means of assessment.
  • Ensure regular faculty assessment, in line with university policies and procedures, and implement additional assessment particular to nursing education.
  • Work with individual faculty and the dean, in development, implementation, and monitoring of faculty development plans including annual evaluations.
  • Orient, assess, and develop, nurse educator adjuncts, clinical associates, and other contributors to the success of the nursing education program. 
  • Work collaboratively with other nursing programs, agencies, and health providers, to ensure equitable access to practice sites.
  • Ensure opportunities for faculty, student, agency, and health providers to have the opportunity to provide input in decisions about the development of the nursing education program.    
  • Ensure the spiritual vitality and Christian centrality of the nursing program
  • Be responsible for the overall financial health of the department, including working to maintain adequate enrollment of able students, pursuing external funding opportunities in coordination with university development staff, monitoring resources (budgets, contracts, equipment, grants, space, endowments) and obtaining appropriate funding from the university. 
  • Nurture faculty individually and as working groups. Encourage program advancement efforts by faculty and empower/support constructive efforts. Mentor and prepare junior faculty for periodic reviews, including those for promotion and tenure.
  • Insure compliance with accreditation requirements related to accreditation including annual program reports, website and published materials, periodic program self-study efforts and preparation for site visits.
  • Be responsible for performing nursing administrative duties, including annual budgets, faculty recruiting, adjunct hiring, supervision of support staff, representing the nursing program to the community, monitoring the student admission process, participating in the life of the university community, and other duties as assigned by the Dean.
  • Teach courses and/or mentor nursing students within the program and advise students.

Position Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in nursing.
  • Doctoral degree in nursing or appropriate field. 
  • Five years nursing experience, including three years of experience as a nurse administrator.
  • Demonstrated leadership and administrative experience, including fiscal and personnel management experience.
  • Evidence of academic scholarship.
  • Demonstrated quality in nursing clinical skills.
  • Licensed as a registered nurse, or license-eligible in Oregon
  • Faith commitment consistent with and supportive of that articulated by the university