ASC Finances

This page is designed to ithe GFU Student Body about how and where their Annual Student Body Fee is allocated by ASC Central Committee Members for the current academic year.

Student body fee is $100.00 for full time students and $50.00.

This chart represents the total student body budget for 2012-2013. Included are the eight Central Committee officers’ budgets, as well as three major funds and the stipends budget.* For a more detailed look at Funds, click here.

Vice President
Campus Ministries
Christian Services
Supreme Court
Academic Need Fund
Student Project Fund
Social Responsibility
Budget Total

ASC 2012-2013 Budget

*Note: The Treasurer oversees the Academic Need Fund, Student Project Fund, Social Responsibility Fund, and ASC Stipends, but for your convenience we’ve included them in this chart as separate “slices.”

Funds as Compared to Budget

This chart compares the Funds from 2011-2012 (last year) with the Funds from 2012-2013 (current year). Three major funds are shown individually; the rest are included together.

For more information and questions about the current years budget please contact

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