Academic Pursuit Fund Student Testimonies

Race 2025- A team of Four George Fox Students, Bethany Widdicombe, Mary Owen, Nick Largusa, Kyle Webster, raised $2,000.00 for a 2-day race that "bridges the adrenalin of adventure sport young people and the extreme challenge to which the Jesus Christ calls His church- To make disciples of all". The race is ran by Wycliffe Bible Translators, originated in Canada, in efforts to raise enough money to have the bible translated into every language by 2025. This years, Race 2025 was held in Plains Montana and the team competed in simulated challenges missionaries might experience. They were also challenged with basic linguistics training.  The Four George Fox students were funded $400.00 from the ASC Academic Need. 


Urbana- Eight Students, Megan Armentrout, Amberly Vincent, Austin Strutz, Nick Larguse, Roy Abdun-Nur, Gavin Bennett, Pieper Wise, and Miranda D’Agostini, attended the 2012 Urbana Conference in St. Louis Missouri December 27-January 1.  The Conference focuses on what it means to engage the world in partnership with the Spirit. This conference is a unique opportunity to walk alongside our brothers and sisters from around the world; 18,000 college students from varying nations come with an eagerness to learn how their passion is planted by the Creator with the intention of furthering His Kingdom, with Missions as the for front of the Conference. ASC funded $4,918.27 from the Academic Need Fund. 


MOVE- David Morales Brooks attended the MOVE conference in Seattle, Washington in November 2012. The purpose of the MOVE Conference is to educate attendees on the conditions surrounding sucidal mental health issues and conditions many people face and how to engage healthfully in the topic. David went to learn more as the Leader for the “We Are Hope” group on campus. ASC funded $165.00 from the Academic Need Fund.


Passion- Four students, Wesley Jones, Justin Vanier, Jake Vanier, and Michal Nakashimada attended the 2013 Passion conference in Atlanta Georgia January 1st- 4th. The Passion conference hosts over 40,000 students in the Georgia Dome, bringing people together from all over the world to equip them with the tools necessary for ministry and worship, all glorifying God. This years theme was to end Sex Slavery in the world.