Career Assessments

Career assessment tools allow you to explore your skills, interests, values, and personality. Equipped with a solid and broad understanding of who you are and how you are made, you can begin to creat a satisfying and meaningful career, as well as make intentional decisions about your vocation and calling. A description of the assessments we offer is below. To take an assessment, please schedule an appointment with Career Services by calling 503-554-2330 or by email

Career Services provides the following resources to assist you in this process of personal exploration:


System addresses work values, personality, and interests. It's divided into nine sections, with each one relating to a stage in making a career decision. Users may go through the entire program, or just the steps needed to obtain occupational information. Features links to comprehensive occupational data.  Sigi3 Logo

Career Direct®

You have unlimited potential to be more and do more. You have a deep desire to grow in life and work. You are ready to exceed everyone's expectations. The Career Direct® Complete Guidance System is an individual, personal growth resource designed to help you maximize your God-given talents and abilities. More than a simple career test, it analyzes four critical areas-personality, interests, skills, and values. Most other career assessments only analyze one or two.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Discover your MBTI personality preference type and find out how your preference influences career choice, decision-making, leadership, communication style, and much more. Fee-based assessment.

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Strong Interest Inventory®

This inventory is used to help you understand your work interests in a general way and provides you with examples of the kinds of work in which you might be comfortable.  Fee-based assessment. strong logo

Self-Directed Search

People who choose careers that match their own types are most likely to be both satisfied and successful. Your SDS report can help you to understand more about yourself and how your individual skills and interests are related to your career choice. Taking the Self-Directed Search will determine careers that best match your interests and abilities.

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Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Finding meaning and fulfillment through understanding the spiritual gifts within you.

CareerLeader® (for MBA Students ONLY)

An interactive, online, self-assessment tool that translates powerful insights about your skills and passions into concrete receommendations for business career paths that are right for you. Fee-based assessment. CareerLeaderLogo 

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