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magna cum laude

With great distinction. Lowercase.


George Fox University offers more than 40 undergraduate majors as of 2010.
Lowercase in running text, capitalizing only proper names within major name.
accounting, allied health, applied science, art, athletic training
biblical studies, biology,
chemistry, Christian ministries, cinema and media communication, cognitive science, communication arts, computer science, economics, elementary education, engineering, English, entrepreneurship
family and consumer sciences, finance
global business,
health and human performance, health administration*, history,
information systems, interdisciplinary studies, international studies,
management and business information systems (MBIS)*, management and organizational leadership (MAOL)*, management, marketing, mathematics, music (general), music education,
organizational communication,
philosophy, political science, project management (PM)*, psychology,
social and behavioral studies*, social work, sociology, Spanish,
*available through degree-completion program only

master's degree

See "academic degrees."

MAX (Metropolitan Area Express)

Light-rail system in Portland.

May Serve

A one-month overseas service trip offered each May during which students minister in different countries.

May Term

A two-, three-, or four-week academic session used for a variety of tours, courses, and seminars.


Use numerals (even under 10). Hyphenate modifiers before the noun. Examples: 3-mile limit, 150-yard skid, 3-foot-high wall, two 12-yard passes, a 4-by 6-foot rug, a 4-by-6 rug. But the rug is 4 feet by 6 feet.


Plural is mediums or media, but always media for the press and news groups.


See "time."


Use numerals, even if under 10.


Use numerals: $1 million; a million dollars; 2.5 million people; a $25 million deficit. Repeat the word million or billion when used in a range: Donations increased from $2 million to $4 million.


George Fox University offers more than 50 undergraduate minors as of 2010.
Lowercase in running text:
accounting, art, art history
biblical studies, biology, business,
camping: administrative, camping: programming, chemistry, Christian ministries: church recreation, Christian ministries: educational ministry, Christian ministries: missions, Christian ministries: youth ministry, church music, cinema and media communication, coaching, communication arts, computer and information science,
family and consumer sciences, fashion merchandising/interior design, finance, foods and nutrition, French,
global business,
health, health teaching, history
international studies,
leadership studies, literature
management, marketing, mathematics, music, music theatre,
peace studies, philosophy, political science, psychology,
Quaker studies,
recreation, religion, romance languages,
social welfare, sociology, Spanish, speech teaching,
teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), theatre,
women's studies, writing

Minthorne Gallery

Dedicated in 2006, this gallery is located on the first floor of the Hoover Academic Building and hosts exhibits by professional and student artists. Avoid use of the term "Hoover Gallery." Note: Use the gallery's full name, "Roger and Mildred Minthorne Gallery," in formal documents.

Missions Week

Annual weeklong fall event to develop passion in the student body to bring the gospel worldwide.


See also "numerals."
cents: Under $1 style: 95 cents (number/word).Over $1 style: $1.95 ($ with numbers/decimal only)
dollars: Use the dollar sign and decimal system: $2.25, $2 (Don't use zeros after even amounts).


Abbreviate only Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. when used with date; spell out when alone or with year alone. No comma needed when just a month and year (February 2001). Commas are needed when a month is used with a specific day and year: January 1, 2002, is the first day of the new year (note the comma after the year, too).

Mount Hood

Always spell out. Peak in Cascade Range. Highest mountain in Oregon at 11,345 feet.

Mount St. Helens

Always spell out. Volcanic peak in Washington that erupted in 1980.

Multicultural Club

Club to learn about various cultures, host cultural activities, and support students.

musical groups

Bel Canto Singers, Chamber Singers, Chapel Choir, Chehalem Chorale, Chehalem Symphony Orchestra, Concert Choir, Festival Chorus, Handbell Ringers, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble (formerly the Concert Band),Worship Band.


University's administrative software system.


names: Jr./Sr./II

A comma is not needed before these designations when used after a name.

No Limits Leadership



Not unaccredited.


See "time."

Northwest (region)


Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (NWYM)

Denominational headquarters for the evangelical Friends churches in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. George Fox University is owned by NWYM but operated independently.


In general, spell out numerals (including ordinals, e.g., first) below 10 and all numerals except years when the first word of a sentence. Other exceptions: Use numerals for age, percent, semester credits/hours, weight, temperature, and time (except formal invitations), dimension, and speed even if below 10. Numbers can be spelled out but are hyphenated if connecting a word ending in y: ninety-nine; five hundred thirty-three; five thousand nine hundred twenty-five; two million four hundred thousand six hundred seventy-seven. See also "years," "decades," "time," and "million."


OLAPC (Oregon Liberal Arts Placement Consortium) Jobs Fair

Annual George Fox student recruiting event held at the University of Portland. Around 150 employers offer career information, summer jobs or internships, or entry-level positions. Opportunities to interview on-site.

Oregon coast

This subregion does not qualify for the capitalization a larger, national region does.

The Oregonian

Capitalize The and italicize name.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

A popular family-oriented museum in Portland.

Oregon Zoo

Popular attraction located near downtown Portland (formerly called the Washington Park Zoo).

orientation/Orientation Weekend

Lowercase the general term, but capitalize the annual event, which is held each semester to provide an overview of campus life to incoming students.

OTAA degree

Oregon transfer associate of arts.


Pacific Friends Academy

Correct name is Friends Pacific Academy.

Pacific Northwest, Pacific Ocean


Parent Council

No apostrophe.

Parents Day of Prayer

No apostrophe.

part-time (adj.)

Hyphenate when used as an adjective. She has a part-time job.

part time (adv.)

No hyphen when used as an adverb. She works part time.


See "numerals."

phone numbers

See "telephone numbers."


See "time."

Portland Trail Blazers

NBA basketball team based in Portland.

Portland Winter Hawks

WHL ice hockey squad based in Portland.

practica or practicums (pl.) practicum (s.)

preprofessional programs

predental, prelaw, premedicine, prepharmacy, prephysical therapy, preveterinary (no hyphens).

President's Council

Group of donors who pledge to contribute at least $500 per year to unrestricted funds for three years.

president's list

Lowercase, just like dean's list, honor roll.

Professional Preview Day

Annual job shadowing opportunity for undergraduate students.

Psi Chi

National honor society that promotes academic excellence in the field of psychology.

Psychology Now

Alumni newsletter of the Graduate School of Clinical Psychology. Title is in italics.