Web Development

The Web Publishing Guidelines, adopted by the cabinet in 2001, state that the university's website is to support and enhance the mission and marketing efforts of the university.

The website is managed by the Office of Web Development, which manages all design templates and common Web pages and edits all content as necessary. In addition, the director of Web development trains and supervises all Web editors mentioned below.

The guidelines provide that each academic department and business office is to appoint one or more Web editors to create and maintain their Web pages, with assistance from the Office of Web Development. These editors are responsible for collecting, editing and updating all Web content, subject to the approval of the editor's supervisor, department director, and/or department chair.

In addition, departments are to include on their websites only information for which such department is responsible. Other departments are then to link to this "official" information rather than reproducing it on their websites. For example, all academic departments will link to the registrar's Web pages for information and policies controlled by the registrar. In the same way, departments will link to the catalog for major or course information rather than reproducing such material on an individual academic website.

All editors must adhere to U.S. and international copyright law (including guidelines for fair use); comply with local, state, and federal laws; university web page policies, style guide preferences, and all other George Fox University policies.

The university reserves the right to remove or limit access to material posted on the university website when applicable university policies or state or federal laws are violated. Individuals who believe that a violation of this policy has occurred should contact the Director of Web Development.

For more information about university policy, please refer to the Employee Handbook, the Student Handbook, and the Style Guide. For more information on copyright, fair use, and public domain, refer to the university library website.

For more information, contact Peter Crackenberg, director of Web Development, at ext. 2138.