Web Page Standards

Web pages

Creating New Web Pages

The university uses WebTwist software for editing the public website. To create new Web pages, or for assistance with existing ones, contact the director of Web development, ext. 2138.

Official Web Pages

All core department Web pages will use the template or templates designated for such pages by the office of Web development, unless permission has been obtained to use a another template. Core pages are defined as:

  • index (department home page)
  • faculty/staff information
  • program information
  • contact information
All core pages as defined above must be housed on the main www server to assure access to all university information by the office of Web development. Additional departmental pages may be contained on other servers and maintained by other editors, but must adhere to all editorial and graphic standards mentioned here.

Every Web page will contain the following:

  • the name George Fox University or the official university logo
  • the name of the department/office
  • name and e-mail address of the individual responsible for maintaining the page
  • date of last update
  • a link to the university main website
  • a link to the admissions section of the main website

Graphic Standards

Follow this link to see approved uses of university logo, colors, fonts and font sizes of the name "George Fox University."

All photos to be used on the website must be cropped to the exact size to be used, and saved at 72 dpi, at a file size under 15K when possible. All graphics should use transparent backgrounds and include complete "alt" tags. See the online WebTwist Manual for more information about adding graphics and photos.

Approved Web page colors.

Editorial Standards

All information is to be factual (verified), spell checked, and updated frequently. Editorial style must comply with the George Fox University Style Guide. The content and appearance of the website should be consistent with other official university communications publications, as determined in the graphics guide.

Faculty/Staff Web Pages

Faculty/staff Web pages on the university website should include only professional information such as that related to teaching and research and must adhere to university Web page policies and guidelines. All faculty/staff Web pages must contain the following minimum information:

  • name and e-mail address of the individual responsible for the pages
  • credentials
  • brief biography
  • professional address
  • date of last update
  • link to the departmental home page

Faculty/staff Web pages linked to the official university website must be for academic use, such as course assignments, publication of syllabi, e-mail communications, and research. Faculty/staff Web pages cannot be used for any strictly personal or business purpose.

Faculty/staff or organization Web pages must adhere to all rules of the university as stated in Employee Handbook, the Faculty Handbook and other official statements of university policy.

The following disclaimer must be posted on faculty/staff Web pages:

"The contents of this communication are the sole responsibility of (faculty or staff member name) and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of George Fox University."

Student Organizations

Student organizations linked to the George Fox website may create their own design, with the help of the director of Web development. Content is subject to approval of the office of Student Life. These pages must include the following minimum information:

  • the name of the organization
  • name and e-mail address of the individual responsible for the page
  • date of last update
  • student organization Web pages must adhere to all rules of the university as stated in The Student Handbook and other official statements of university policy.

Non-university Web pages

Any site related to but not officially linked to the university website must include the following disclaimer:
This website has not been authorized or endorsed by George Fox University. The university does not screen or control the content of this website and thus does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of its contents. Visit the official George Fox University website at georgefox.edu.

What types of information should not be placed on Web pages?

  • Information or graphics, music, or video that violate copyright;
  • Information that violates federal, state, or local laws;
  • Information that violates or does not adhere to university standards and policy;
  • Information that is for commercial or for private business purposes;
  • Information or graphics that are pornographic, obscene, injurious, harassing, or defamatory;
  • Rumors, hearsay, or unverified reports; and
  • Any information that does not conform to the policies and standards of the university.