Supervisors Approval

Supervisor(s) Approval

Budget managers, directors, department heads, executive directors, deans, and vice-president's will receive their PR approval requests via Email. They will no longer need to log into Insight/Ifas to approve requests. If your supervisor has authorized you to be a secondary approver for them, you can be set up to approve purchase requests waiting in their queue. See Approving a request for a supervisor. For a supervisor to approve a purchase request by Email, they simply need to reply to the Email, type "Y" or "Yes" on the first line, and send. See the screen shot below of what an approval Email will look like.

Screen image

An Email will be sent to each supervisor in the approval hierarchy before the purchase request arrives at the purchasing department. The current approval model is set up to require an approval from a budget manager, director, or department head. Purchase requests for $1,000 or more must be approved by a dean or executive director. Purchase requests for $5,000 or more must be approved by a vice president or provost. All these approvals will be done via Email.

Purchasing Approval

Once a purchase request has made it through the approval process, it will arrive in the queue of the purchasing department. Once the request is approved by purchasing, it becomes ready to print in purchase order form.

Creator Notification

The original creator of a purchase request should receive an Email when their request has been fully approved or if anyone in the process has rejected it. The approval Email will look similar to the screen shot below.

Screen Image

Purchase Order Printing

Once the purchasing department prints your purchase request, it will be processed based on the req. codes you included on the purchase request (Fax, Return to requestor, etc.). The req. code of B0 (Not finished / Do not process) will become obsolete. Remember, to keep a purchase request from moving through the approval queue and becoming a purchase order, do not approve it.

Checking on the status of a purchase request