Purchase Request Status

Checking on the status of a purchase request

To check the status of a purchase request, use the POUPPR option from Insight and search for your purchase request number.

  1. Once the purchase request loads on the screen, open up the side bar by clicking on the (>>) button.
  2. Click on Workflow to view the history of the request.
  3. In the screen shot shown below, the user who created this request (Train3) has approved it and
  4. it is now waiting in the queue of dswanson to approve.

Screen image

Approving a request for a supervisor

If your supervisor has authorized you to be a secondary approver for them, you can be set up to approve purchase requests waiting in their queue. To see which purchase requests are waiting in a supervisor's queue, use the POUPPR option from Insight.
  1. After the screen finished loading, open up the side bar by clicking on the (>>) button.
  2. Click on Workflow to view pending approvals.
  3. Notice, in the screen shot below, there is one purchase request (R0404740) awaiting approval of this user.
  4. There is also one purchase request (R0404741) awaiting the approval of a supervisor that this user has authorization to approve. Click on the purchase request number of the one you wish to view and potentially approve.
  5. NOTE - you can increase or decrease with width of the screen by dragging the line separating the two windows either left or right.
Screen image

After clicking on the purchase request number, the full purchase request screen for that PR number will load and be displayed on the right. You can view all aspects of the purchase requested by browsing in the purchase request screen.

Screen image
  1. On the Workflow screen, you will now see the checkmark that you can click to approve this request. At this point, you can approve this request by clicking the checkmark and following the same procedures as described in the "Creator Approval" section of this document.

The history of the purchase request will record your name as the approver instead of the supervisor's name. After you have approved a request for a supervisor, the purchase request continues to the next approver (if any) and on to the purchasing department for final approval and printing.

NOTE - Again, there is also a Workflow folder on the main menu in the thin client (Web) version of Insight that you can use to approve purchase requests that are waiting in a supervisor's queue. The look and process is very similar to the screens above. You may use it if you wish, although it won't be documented here.