Purchase Request Approval

Purchase Request Approval Process

With new upgrades of the Administrative software and the university's migration to a new "school" structure, the approval process for purchase requests has been updated. This document is designed to give assistance to users involved in the purchase request approval process from the point of saving a new purchase request through final approval and printing of the purchase order by the purchasing department.

Creator Approval

After a purchase request is created and saved, the user who created the request MUST approve the request before it will move through the queue to the next approver. This will eliminate the need to use the "B0" req. code to delay the approval process, as the purchase request will only move forward after the creator approves it. Below is an example of a purchase request immediately after saving it.

Notice the (>>) button that opens up the new sidebar menus. Click on the (>>) button to open up the sidebar and you will see several options.

Screen image

1. Click on Workflow to open up the section where you will approve your purchase requests. It may take a few minutes for your saved purchase request to become ready for you to approve it.

Screen image

2. Click on the Refresh button to update the screen. If it still doesn't display the icons for approval, wait and click the Refresh button again. Eventually, you will see the icons to approve your purchase request. If you are not ready for this purchase request to move to the next approver, don't approve yet. You can always search for the PR number at a later time and approve it at that time.

3. If you have multiple PR numbers in your list, first click on the PR number that you want to approve before clicking the green checkmark. To approve the request, click on the green checkmark. A screen will pop up where you can enter some comments and finalize the purchase request by clicking submit. The purchase request is now on it's way to the next approver.

Screen image

4. You must click Submit to finish your approval of this purchase request and send it on to the next approver.

NOTE - There is also a Workflow folder on the main menu in the thin client (Web) version of Insight that you can use to approve your purchase requests. The look and process is very similar to the screens above. You may use it if you wish, although it won't be documented here.

Supervisor Approval