Ted AllenTed Allen
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 503-554-2161
Email: tallen@georgefox.edu

Jan AmersonJan Amerson
Accountant I
Phone: 503-554-2164
Email: jamerson@georgefox.edu

Cris BantonCris Banton
Assistant Vice President of Finance, Controller
Phone: 503-554-2167
Email: cbanton@georgefox.edu

Kathi BeckerKathi Becker
Executive Assistant to EVP of Finance
Phone: 503-554-2166
Email: kbecker@georgefox.edu

Debbie CashDebbie Cash
Accountant II
Phone: 503-554-2171
Email: dcash@georgefox.edu

Michelle Conrad Michelle Conrad
Accounts Payable
Phone: 503-554-2160
Email: mconrad@georgefox.edu

Andy Dunn Andy Dunn
Director of Purchasing and Administrative Services
Phone: 503-554-2162
Email: adunn@georgefox.edu

Andy Dunn Melissa Gilbert
Accounts Payable
Phone: 503-554-2163
Email: mgilbert@georgefox.edu

Bruce Owen Bruce Owen
Accountant II (AP)
Phone: 503-554-2169
Email: bowen@georgefox.edu

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