Distance Consultation Procedures

Graduate and School of Professional Studies students seeking distance consultation for a writing project should send their document as a Word attachment to the Writing Center mailbox (wc@georgefox.edu). Write "Distance Consultation" in the email subject line. In the email body, provide the following:
  • A phone number where the student can be reached;
  • The class number, name, and professor for which the paper is written;
  • Information about the assignment that might help consultants focus their responses.
In addition, the email body should include at least three specific questions about the attached writing assignment. These questions should be ones an academic consultant can respond to in detail. These should not be yes/no questions, nor ones so vague that the consultant cannot provide any information (i.e., How is my writing?). By including questions, the consultants will have a better sense of how to prioritize their responses. As an added benefit, crafting such questions will make the writers more aware of strengths and weaknesses in their own work.

A consultant will read through the paper and provide responses to the questions posed. Consultants will use the Microsoft Word reviewing feature on a limited basis; we wish to avoid providing only a proofreading service. Consultants will generally use the reviewing feature on one or two pages, then note in their summary comments how the issues addressed on the first pages are repeated in subsequent pages.

The consultant will return the paper to the student via email. If possible, the consultant and student should follow up with a phone conversation.

Turn around time will generally be two business days, not counting Fridays. If a consultant needs more than two business days, the students will be notified within 1 business day (excluding Fridays) of submitting the paper. Fridays are excluded because the Writing Center is not currently open on Fridays.

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