Wireless Printing for Macs

You can only install and run these items over the wireless networks. They will not be available from off campus. Known to be compatible with Mac OSX 10.4, 5, 6. We are currently testing compatibility with 10.7 (Lion).

  1. Install the PaperCut client (This will need to be running before sending a job to a printer).
  2. Install the Xerox print drivers on your Mac.
  3. Install the printer.
  4. Collect the print job.

To install the PaperCut client from the server's network share:

  1. Open Finder.
  2. From the "Go" menu, select "Connect to Server..." Pic5.png
  3. Enter the PCClient share's Server Address smb://printuser:123@print-svr.georgefox.edu/PCClient.
  4. Expand the MAC folder and Double-click the client-local-install file. This will execute a small AppleScript program that will commence the install/copy process of the client to your Applications folder. Pic5.png
  5. Test the application by double-click on the PCClient application icon in the system's local Applications folder.
  6. The box below should pop up, enter your GFU username and password, check the Remember my identity and click OK. Picture%202.png
  7. The client popup should open on your screen displaying your current funds available for printing. Picture%204.png
  8. To add funds to your account you can either buy a pre-paid card from the library, or stop by the IT Service Desk to add any amount of money to your account. In the near future you can charge against your student account in the MyGFU website portal.


You will need this client for printing so it's advisable to configure the application to automatically open upon start-up:

  1. Open System Preferences... from the Apple menu.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Select your login account.
  4. Click the Login Items tab.
  5. Click the + button and browse and locate the PCClient application.
  6. Test by restarting the computer. The client should automatically load after the reboot and login is complete. The client will only work on the student network (resnet). You can turn this off or disable when not on resnet.


Install the Xerox print drivers on your Mac

  1. Open Finder.
  2. From the Go menu, select Connect to Server....

  3. Enter smb://printuser:123@print-svr/PCClient in the Server Address and click Connect.
    Note: You may already be connected to the print-svr if you followed the steps above.
  4. Click and drag "ColorQube_UBPD_1.1.1-178.dmg" to your desktop and open it.

    Wireless printing
  5. When you open the application, it may ask for your administrative username and password for your computer (this is not your George Fox login information). Enter the information and click OK. Picture%205.pngInstall
  6. Click Continue. License
  7. Click Continue and then accept the license agreement.Find a printer
  8. Continue through the installation screens until you get to the screen above. The installer will attempt to find a printer, go ahead and click continue and then click continue again when it tells you "Print Queue Not Created" Success!

If the installation was successful you should see the above window.

Go ahead and click Quit to exit out of the installer. This installed the Xerox drivers only, you will will still need to install the printer and then associate the driver you just install to the printer.

Last Step - Installing the printer.

  1. Click on the Apple logo Menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Choose System Preferences... Picture%2010.png
  3. Then click on Print & Fax. It should open the below window: Picture%2011.png
  4. Press the + button to add the new printer.
  5. You will need to add the "Advanced" icon to your toolbar, right click any open area on you toolbar and click Customize Toolbar... Pic10.png
  6. Drag the "Advanced" icon to your toolbar Pic11.png
  7. Click the "Advanced" icon and enter the following information.Add printerSelect Driver
  8. Click the drop down box next to "Print Using:" and click "Select Printer Software..." In the box that pops up, search for ColorQube, select "Xerox ColorQube 9201, 1" and click OK. Click Add. Then click Continue at the "Installable Options" screen.
  9. The printer has now been added.
  10. Your Papercut client will need to be running. When you print it will also bring up the box below. Enter your bruinmail username and password.
  11. If the job was sent successfully to the printer you will see this popup below on your screen.
  12. Your job has now been sent, you will need to take your idcard to one of the print release stations, swipe your card and enter your code. If this is the first time you will be asked to enter a pin. The pin number you entered will be asked the next time you print. If you forget your pin it can be reset by going to http://foxprint.georgefox.edu:9191/ and clicking "Change Details".

Collecting Your Print Job

  1. You can use any print release station that has a device shown below.
  2. Take your card and swipe it like so: Photo%20378.jpg
  3. It will ask you to enter the PIN you have previously selected in PaperCut.
  4. Use the keypad to enter the 4 digit PIN Photo%20380.jpg
  5. Once you have entered your PIN, you will be allowed to select 'F1:Print' in order to print your job that has been queued.Photo%20381.jpg
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully printed a job from your personal computer!

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.