Leaving George Fox

Welcome to our transitioning out page.  We hope your time at George Fox University has been rewarding and that you will continue to keep a relationship with George Fox in your future.  

What You Need To Know Before You Leave

What happens to my E-mail when I leave the University?

When you graduate or withdraw from George Fox, your George Fox e-mail account is transitioned to a forward-only version.  As a former student, you can continue to use your George Fox e-mail address.  Just keep a valid forwarding e-mail address entered in MyGFU per the instructions above. Based on data in the Registrar's system, you will received notices that your e-mail account will expire in 15-30 days.  Instructions will be provided in the e-mail notification.  For more information click on the Alumni E-mail Forwarding link at the left.

Google Apps

Your George Fox Google Apps account includes not only email but the entire Google Apps Core Suite and any Google products that you sign up for with your George Fox email.  Access to this account will cease once you are no longer a student so you will want to prepare for this well before you leave the University.  Google has provided some tools to transition your account and data to a personal account. Click on the IT Guides below to learn more.


Former students will retain access to MyGFU with the same username and password you used as a student.  You will simply see fewer options but you will retain access to your Student Center and can view your unofficial transcripts. Once you become an Alumnus, the Student Resources section will become the Alumni Resources section.


New to George Fox

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