Forwarding Address Information

First class US Mail will be forwarded to you for one year. (We follow USPS forwarding guidelines).

Forwarding address information cards are available in wall packets at the lobbies of each campus post office, and below:

Forwarding Address Information Card

First Name: Last Name:

Campus Box #
ID #
Returning (Keep your key all summer)
Withdrawing (contact Registrar's office, also)

All Campus and US Mail will be put in your campus box until the date you indicate you want it closed
I need my Campus PO box closed on the last day of finals.
I need my Campus PO box open

All summer (Indicate your summer address as GFU) or until (date)

Work Study Job on Campus May Term Living in the area

Juniors Abroad May Sports Other

After my PO box is closed:
Please forward US Mail and University correspondence to my:

Permanent Address or Summer Address

My permanent address is:

Address: Phone #

City: State: Zip: COUNTRY:

My summer address is: (If different than permanent address)

Dates good from 'til Note: If keeping your campus PO box open all summer, indicate your summer address as GFU.

Address: Phone #

City: State: Zip: COUNTRY:


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