Attaching Articles to Foxtale Courses

Many of the databases licensed at George Fox University allow faculty to directly link articles into their FoxTALE Class rather than requesting they be put on Course Reserve. Faculty may do this by creating or attaching a persistent link to the appropriate article. A persistent link is usually not the same as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) located in the browser’s address bar when reviewing the desired article. The link in the browser window is dynamic and may not work to return a student to the identified article. However, a persistent link, sometimes referred to as a durable or stable link, is a permanent web address for that article and will return a student to the desired article.

Licensing agreements require that access to licensed materials go through an authentication process. A persistent link must have the George Fox University proxy information in its address so that it is accessible from off-campus. The proxy information allows students to authenticate themselves as affiliated with George Fox University as required by licensing agreement.

To identify or generate the persistent link for an article, locate the vendor for the database in the list below, click on the link and follow the directions.