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Social Work


Academic Search Premier
The world's largest scholarly, multidiscipline, full-text database designed specifically for academic institutions. Contains indexing and abstracts for over 8,500 journals, with full text for more than 4,600 of those titles.  Over 3,600 journals are peer-reviewed.

Article 1st
Contains bibliographic citations that describe items listed on the table of contents pages of more than 16,000 journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business and the humanities and popular culture. Coverage is from 1990 to the present.

Counseling and Therapy in Video
Counseling and Therapy in Video provides the largest and richest online collection of video available for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. The collection's wealth of video and multiplicity of perspectives allow students and scholars to see, experience, and study counseling in ways never before possible. This current release includes 276 videos totaling roughly 300 hours.  Click here for a video tutorial.

Google Scholar
Use this link to have Google Scholar recognize you as a George Fox user, and link you to the library's full text subscriptions. Google Scholar indexes a broad array of scholarly literature.

Oxford Journals
Contains several academic and research journals that are specific to social work and societal issues.

Psychology and Behavior Science Collection
This is a comprehensive database from EBSCO covering information concerning topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational & experimental methods. This is the world's largest full text psychology database offering full text coverage for nearly 600 journals.  Over 200 titles fall under the subject of social work.

SocIndex with Full Text
Indexes 640 journals in the fields of sociology and social work, with full text for more than 250 of them.

Web resources

Criminal Justice

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Federally sponsored information clearinghouse that produces "one of the largest criminal and juvenile justice libraries and databases in the world," the NCJRS Abstracts Database. It also provides 7,000 full-text publications, and online reference service.

World Criminal Justice Library Network
Collection of resources related to criminal justice worldwide.

Demographic Data

Pew Social & Demographic Trends
Presents studies on Americans' attitudes and behavior related a number of social issues and social trends.  Complete reports are downloadable as PDFs.

Social Statistics Briefing Room
Easy access to current Federal social statistics.

Cultural/Social Research

Harvard Family Research Project
Harvard Family Research Project promotes more effective educational practices, programs, and policies for disadvantaged children and youth by generating, publishing, and disseminating research.
Provides access to U.S. agencies dedicated to human rights, reports, and news stories related to human rights issues worldwide.

Hunger In America
Provides a “comprehensive profile of the incidence and nature of hunger and food insecurity in the U.S.

National Council on Disability
The National Council on Disability is a small federal agency, which serves to advise the President, Congress, and other federal agencies and departments on issues and policies related to persons with disabilities. Links to news reports, blogs, reports, and other resources are provided on the site. The reports listed on this site are listed according to the publication date, and may also be accessed through

SOSIG:  Social Science Information Gateway
A database of several thousand Internet resources, each selected by a librarian or academic. This annotated catalog is browsable and searchable by subject area.

UC Atlas of Global Inequality
The mission of the UC Atlas of Inequality is to provide online teaching resources and tools to enable student exploration of global change.

U.S. DHHS Administration for Children & Families
The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is a federal agency funding state, territory, local, and tribal organizations to provide family assistance (welfare), child support, child care, Head Start, child welfare, and other programs relating to children and families.


Best way to find ebooks

Search the GFU library catalog FoxTrax to find e-books by subject, title, author or keyword.

  1. Go to Advanced Search
  2. Enter your search term (you can select a search field for subject, title, or author in the drop-down menu)
  3. Under the limiter “Material Type” select “EBOOKS”
  4. Submit your search

Foxtrax subject searches for e-books about:

Social work

Social workers

Social service

Public welfare

Older people

Abused children

Largest GFU e-book collections

Our largest e-book collection. Ebrary provides access to over 75,000 digital titles.

MyiLibrary provides access to e-books from major academic publishers.
***Mac users defer to the Safari browser until further notice.

Growing collection of over 16,000 e-books available through the Orbis Cascade Alliance consortium

Ebook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost)

Print books

Finding print books

Search Foxtrax for books at GFU libraries.

You can search by title, author, or subject and discover:

  1. which of our libraries owns it
  2. shelf position (call number)
  3. status (on shelf or checked out)
  4. complete citation

Search Summit and/or WorldCat for books at other libraries.

Through Summit, you have access to the holdings of most academic libraries in the northwest. You can also choose to search the World Catalog.  Summit materials arrive in 2-4 business days. You can check Summit books out for 6 weeks with no renewals. Books requested from outside the Summit system can take 10 days to 3 weeks to arrive.

Types of searches that you can use to find books:

A.  Title and author searches

If you know the title of a book or the name of an author you can perform a "Title" or "Author" search in Foxtrax or Summit by selecting these field options from a drop-down menu or a tab and entering the title or author name in the search box.

B.  Keyword search

A keyword search is the broadest, most flexible search that you can use.  It looks for the terms that you enter in any order within all of the fields of the bibliographic record.  You can perform a "Keyword" search in Foxtrax or Summit by selecting this field option from a drop down menu or a tab and entering the keyword(s) in the search box.  This can be a good way to start your book search but sometimes the results are irrelevant or there are so many that it would take too long to go through them all.  If this is the case then a subject search will be more helpful for you.

C.  Subject search

A subject search in the catalog is the most direct way to find a book on a specific topic.  You can perform a "Subject" search in Foxtrax or Summit by selecting these field options from a drop-down menu or tab and entering the subject heading in the search box.  It can be difficult to know or to find the right subject heading to use for this type of search.  If you are not sure what term to use as a subject heading then read the tip below for a helpful alternative.

Easiest way to perform a subject search:

    • Using a keyword search find one book in the catalog that most closely matches your topic of interest and look at the full record to view the subject headings that are used to describe the content.  Click on one of the subject headings to view all materials that have been labeled with the same subject heading or use a combination of subject headings to formulate your own search.
  2. Links to subject searches

    Below are links to various subject searches in the catalog that will take you to the records of books that have been tagged with that subject heading. 


    Drug addiction


    Juvenile corrections

    Juvenile delinquency

    Medical social work

    Public welfare

    School social work

    Social case work

    Social service

    Social work administration

    Social work education

    Social work with

    Social workers

    Substance abuse


    Call numbers

    If you want to browse for books in the library, use the call numbers below to find the subject areas that are of interest to you. You can use them to browse the reference section or the main stacks. The Library of Congress website may have a more detailed outline of call numbers for your subject area.

    HA 29-32 Theory & Method of Social Science Statistics
    HB 846-846.8 Welfare Theory
    HV 40-69 Social Work (case work, institutional care, rural social work, work relief)
    HV 85-525 Social Work by Region or Country
    HV 530 The Church and Charity
    HV 544.5 International Social Work
    HV 640-645 Social Work with Refugees
    HV 697-700.7 Social Work with Families
    HV 701-1441 Child & Youth Services
    HV 1442-1448 Social Work with Women
    HV 1449 Social Work with Gays, Lesbians, and Other Sexual Minorities
    HV 1450-1494 Social Work with the Aged
    HV 1551-3024 Social Work with People with Disabilities
    HV 3176-3199 Social Work with People of Color
    HV 4005-4013 Social Work with Immigrants
    HV 4023-4470.7 Social Work with Urban Poor
    HV 4480-4630 Social Work with Homeless
    HV 5001-5840 Social Work with Addictions
    HV 7428 Social work with Delinquents and Criminals
    HV 9051-9230.7 Juvenile Offenders, Juvenile Delinquency
    UH 750-769 Military Social Work, Social Welfare Services
    VG 2000-2005 Military Social Work, Social Welfare Services (Navy)


Build your own search:

   1. Go to Foxtrax
   2. Select Advanced Search
   3. Enter a keyword in the search box
   4. Limit "Material Type" to "PROJ MEDIUM"

Foxtrax subject searches for videos about:

Social work

Social services

National Association of Social Workers

Streaming videos

Build your own search:

   1. Go to Foxtrax
   2. Select Advanced Search
   3. Enter a keyword in the search box (you can select a search field for subject, title, or author in the drop-down menu)
   4. Limit "Material Type" to "STREAMINGVIDEO"

Link to all streaming videos

If you would like to browse, click here to view the catalog's list of all streaming videos.

Google search: Social Work

This Google Custom Search engine searches quality, discipline specific websites selected by the librarians.

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