Getting started with the our catalog

FoxTrax is George Fox University’s online catalog.  When using a catalog, start with FoxTrax.

You can access FoxTrax from the middle section of the library homepage.

Overview of FoxTrax

You can search for books and other materials by:

  • title
  • keyword
  • author
  • subject

Foxtrax screenshot 

Title search

You must enter the words of the title exactly for the title search to work!

Examples: “Database nation the death of privacy in the 21st century”
                 “Database nation”

Keyword search

This is the broadest, easiest index to search.  Enter one or more keywords to get started.


  • landscape architecture
  • food science
  • nanotechnology

Author search

Enter the last name followed by a first name or initial:    

  • fox, g
  • fox g
  • fox george
  • fox, george

Subject search

In order to search by subject you will need to use the “subject headings” that have been assigned to the materials.  Subject headings are just terms that are used to describe a topic and group all of the similar materials on that topic together.

  • Many of the words that you use for your other searches will work or at least direct you to a subject heading that will.
  • Look in the Library of Congress Subject Headings for terms to use for your topic.

Journal search

Through FoxTrax you can search for journal titles but NOT journal articles.

When searching for a journal title you can use the drop down menu to search by:

  • “Title begins with”
  • “Title equals”
  • “Title contains all words”

FoxTrax screenshot 

Here are some examples of how these search options work:

  1. If you search “archaeology” “title contains all words”, you will get all of the titles that contain the word “archaeology”.
  2. If you search “archaeology” “title equals”, you will get the one journal that is titled “Archaeology”.
  3. If you search “archaeology” “title begins with”, you will get all of the titles that begin with the word “archaeology”.

Course reserves

Through FoxTrax you can also search for your course reserve items.

Search by:

  • Course name
  • Course number
  • Instructor name 

Foxtrax screenshot 

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.