Campus Building Updates

Do you ever wonder what Plant Services does in the summertime? Just like Disneyland after closing, Plant Services kicks into high gear painting, updating, and working their magic to make the buildings look wonderful across campus.

Changes in the Library

New learning models have led us to adjust our library accommodations. Instead of racks and racks of paper books, we are creating a student space for collaboration, digital sharing and communication. That means the previous racks of books had to move! We now have soft furniture in a great space.

MLRC Electrical Remodel

Doing some electrical work in the newly recarpeted library basement.

MLRC Remodel

... and unusually empty first floor of the MLRC.

Remodeling Wood-Mar Offices

The area of Engineering is always expanding, and this summer was no exception! We had a few areas on campus that shuffled in order to make room for programs and to keep groups together. The offices on the 2nd floor of Wood-Mar were remodeled in order to accommodate Math and Engineering. Gotta love those happy reunions!

Moving in Wood-Mar Cabinetry

Moving in cabinetry for Wood-Mar

Remodeling Wood-Mar offices

Pardon our dust as we remodel!

Remodeling Wood-Mar offices

"Before" picture

Remodeling Wood-Mar offices

'After' picture - nicely done!

Updating Equipment

Bon Appetit concocts their culinary creations in the kitchen at Heacock Commons. This summer we updated the equipment that the chefs use to create their masterpieces. Yum!

Kitchen Equipment Upgrade

Gotta love that shiny metal...

Heacock Commons Facia

As well as changes to the inside, we also updated the roof and facia on the outside of Heacock Commons.

Munn House Renovation

The students staying at Munn House this year will be excited to know that it received some updating this summer. New roof, new carpet, new tile, and remodeling can really spruce up a place!

Munn HouseMunn House

... work in progress...

Munn House

Paint Crew adding their part.

Munn House

Edwin finishing up some roofing touches on Munn House. Looks great!

Carpet Replacement

Each semester break gives us a chance to update flooring. (It's hard to change floor treatments with people still standing on them...) This classroom needed carpet in EHS.

EHS Carpet

John showing us how it's done.