Sharing file for Print Order

Sharing file from FoxFiles for Print Order

Getting the FoxFile URL

In order for Print Services to be able to work with your document, you need to put it on FoxFiles. Once you have uploaded the file onto FoxFiles, you can find the url by clicking the Manage button, (shown below). Then go to Directory Properties, and copy the Full URL into the text box on the print order form.

manage files button

Sharing the file

In order for Print Services to be able to access your document on FoxFiles, you need to share it with the group "Print Services." To do this, click the Sharing button (shown below), and click Add User/Group at the top of the screen. Search for "Print Services." Check the "Read" box, and apply. Print Services now has permission to read and print your document. To change the file after submitting the print order form, contact Print Services. Please do not change the foxfiles version, or your print job might come out incorrectly.

sharing files button

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