First Year Seminar Instructor Resources

Recommended Advising Resources

  • MyGFU - View your students under the student tab.
  • Degree Audit - as a First Year Seminar instructor you can view the audits for your students
  • Course Planner - a great resource to place a plan visible to the student and to the new advisor - as a First Year Seminar instructor you can view and edit planners for your students
  • Student Support Network - an online reporting form
  • Meet with each student to go over their schedule after mid-term grades are posted to advise students in their current degree plan and spring schedule.
  • Four Year Course Plans
  • UG Catalog
  • Major Fair will be offered during Fall Orientation

Recommended Grading Strategies

  • Grade the class pass/fail
  • Require all assignments
  • In the case of missing assignments some professors hold the final grade until the student either meets with him/her or completes the required assignment.

Assignment Pool (let us know if you have any other ideas)

  • Require students to interview a faculty member as a requirement to expose them to faculty members.
  • Have the ARC evaluate the student's notes from Jim Foster's lecture about the benefits of a Liberal Arts education.

Possible Peer Advisor Roles

  • TA
  • Facilitate some sessions
  • Connection to students
  • Counseling students in advisor selection