Course Scheduling

These resources may pertain more to department chairpersons or program directors as they build class schedules for future academic terms/years.

Course Scheduling Calendar

George Fox University attempts to build course schedules about one year in advance of the course offerings. This process includes developing faculty loads, creating a working course schedule, submitting the schedule to the Registrar's Office for entry, and finally, student registration. We will provide a link to the key scheduling events for the academic year so departments can plan for the information that must be shared throughout the university to insure effective operation and quality student service.

Class Scheduling Deadlines for 2014-15 Academic Year

Planning Ahead

Future term start and end dates

Newberg Campus Class Block Schedule

Traditional Undergraduate classes on the Newberg campus are generally scheduled within proscribed meeting patterns, including days of the week and start and end times.  These blocks are set to allow the flexibility needed for students to complete all graduation requirements, to make best use of our classroom and facility resources, and to give students optimum opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.

Newberg Campus Block Schedule Effective 2014-15 academic year


Semester and Schedule Structure

Sessions Master Schedule .  To request an additional session to be added to the master list, complete this request form.

Course Schedule Submission Template

Please use the following templates Fall 14, Spring 15, Summer 15 for submitting course schedule information to the registrar's office (it is important to use this particular form since we process approximately 1500 classes per term). Please fill out completely. Submissions, changes or questions about the course schedule may be directed to Enrollment Counselors/Enrollment Managers

Schedule Changes - after course schedule submission

If you need to make a change to the schedule after the course schedules have been submitted to the Registrar Office:

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