Curriculum and Theme

George Fox University's Three-Year Chapel Curriculum - Current year: 'Calling' - How do I live my faith?

Spiritual Life Theme 2014-15 – Unfolding Life

In Matthew 4 we hear the words of invitation that Jesus gave to the people who became his disciples. Using three words – “Come, follow me” – Jesus changed the lives of those who said yes to this invitation. This is the same call being extended to all of us, the call that we will be exploring this fall in chapel.

The Bible teaches us that the choice to follow Jesus means we will experience many things – trials, challenges, blessings and opportunity – and that as we take upon us the “yoke,” or the teachings and examples of Jesus, we will experience abundant life now and forever.

The Bible also teaches us that the Holy Spirit is moving in our midst, teaching, convicting and guiding us into the abundant life God promises. Though we long to know exactly what the future holds, the Holy Spirit invites us into life, here and now. 

“Unfolding Life” is the theme of chapel programming this fall. Just as the wrapping paper is removed one fold at a time, or an envelope is opened to reveal its contents, God is unfolding our lives revealing who we truly are in order that we might truly give everything to follow Jesus.

Join us this fall as we explore “Unfolding Life.”