Winter & Spring Break SpILgrimages (Serve Trips)

Winter Serve Trips

Winter trips are scheduled during Winter Break, ranging from January 2-9, 2016. Each trip will cost $50 with a payment of $25 being required upon acceptance of application and assignment to a team.  Applications are due no later than Thursday, November 12th. The electronic forms for both participants and leaders are found below.

Serve Trip Participant Application - Due Thursday, November 12, 2015

Serve Trip Leader Application - Due Thursday, November 12, 2015

Along with your application, you will need to get a reference from an RA, AC, or student leader on campus. Please send the reference link to your reference and let them know we need these in by November 19th.

References Form

Any questions? Email Mikayla Greenwell at

Winter Trip Descriptions


HomePDX focuses on sharing meals, supplies, stories, and friendship with people experiencing homelessness in Portland. This trip will participate in sharing time with the HomePDX community and building relationships, as well as volunteering with this community committed to loving their brothers and sisters living outside.

One Another Foundation in Puyallup, Washington

This trip joins the One Another Foundation in serving the community of Payallup, Washington focusing on community outreach and service projects, as well as learning from ministries in the area.

JOIN in Portland

JOIN exists to support the efforts of homeless individuals and families to transition out of homelessness into permanent housing. Their efforts are directed at individuals sleeping outside or in their cars in the Portland Metro area.  With this trip, students will learn first hand about issues involved in homelessness by immersing themselves a bit into urban realities and engaging in dialogue with folks living without homes amidst these realities.

Twin Rocks Friends Camp

This trip focuses on serving our partners at Twin Rocks Friends Camp, along with a focus on intentional, personal and group, Christian spiritual formation/Discipleship.

Spring Serve Trips

Spring trips are scheduled to take place during Spring Break each year. Some trips will require additional group/personal fundraising.  A sample list of some of our annual Spring Serve partnerships and trips are noted below:

Urban Impact, Seattle

A team of students will serve with Urban Impact in Seattle, focusing on building relationships and serving in the community through the local church. The team will do a variety of work projects, which may include tutoring, service projects, administrative work and cleaning.
Cost/person: $75

Mending Wings, Wash.

We will partner with Mending Wings, a nonprofit Native American youth organization located on the Yakima Reservation in Washington state. Students will come alongside the reservation community to build trust and friendship while serving alongside them painting homes, cleaning yards of garbage and debris, chopping wood for elders, mowing, weeding gardens, working at a homeless shelter, doing light construction projects, and perhaps working at one of their local powwows.
Cost/person: $75

Flying H Ranch, Yakima, Wash.

This trip is located at the Flying H Ranch, located 30 miles west of Yakima, Wash. The ranch ministers to at-risk youth. On this trip, students will do physical labor as well as spend some time with the boys in worship, devotions, meals, games and conversation. Cost/person: $75

San Francisco

This trip will go to San Francisco to work with ReImagine, a center for integrating Christian practice. The week will consist of guided prayer tours, trash pick-up, serving meals to people living on the streets, learning about local issues such as human trafficking and poverty, as well as spending time in group and individual spiritual reflection. Cost/person: $75

Neah Bay, Wash.

On this trip, a team will travel to Neah Bay, Wash., to work on the Makah Indian Reservation. Service will include beach clean-up and assisting the elderly. Time will also be taken to learn about the culture and history of the Makah tribe and build relationships as volunteers work in the local community.
Cost/person: $75