SpiL Intern/Chaplain

JOB TITLE: Spiritual Life Intern / ”Student Chaplain”

APP. DUE DATE:  Feb 15th, 2013

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TO COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION, we need three reference forms, one from each of the following: SPIRITUAL LEADER, PEER and FACULTY/STAFF. Please email those individuals the following link:


The Spiritual Life (SpiL) Interns/Student Chaplains serve to build bridges between students and spiritual formation opportunities. This student leadership position offers a rich quality and diversity of opportunities to contribute towards the cultivation of the spiritual life of the George Fox community.  Interns do this primarily through offering supportive, servant-leadership to Lyfe Group formation, campus prayer & worship gatherings, Serve Trips, the inner-workings of the “SpiL” Ministry House, as well as enter into mentoring relationships with the Spiritual Life pastoral staff.


The SpiL Intern/Student Chaplain ministers primarily to Lyfe Group leaders, through coordinating campus prayer/worship gatherings (i.e. “Shalom”, “Greenroom”, etc.), Spring/Summer Serve Trips, and administrative tasks of the Office of Spiritual Life.

  • Assist in training Lyfe Group Leaders orientation and training sessions every other Friday in the Fall semester.
  • Meet with Lyfe Group Leaders in a group (on opposite Fridays of training sessions) for team building, ongoing training, prayer and encouragement.
  • Meet with individual students and Lyfe Group leaders twice a month for spiritual friendship/peer counseling and support.
  • Coordinate one Living Area worship chapel in conjunction with Lyfe Group leaders and Residence Life staff of the area.
  • Facilitate a Spiritual Life ministry during the school year (i.e. lead Spring/Summer Serve trip, prayer initiatives, etc.).
  • Refer student issues as necessary to the Health & Counseling Center, the Student Support Network, the appropriate Resident Life staff member, &/or Spiritual Life Pastoral Team.
  • Meet with a SpiL Pastor one-to-one and with the SpiL Student Leadership community on a weekly basis.
  • Serve as a spiritual leader on campus in conjunction with the SpiL Student Leadership community, the ASC Campus Ministries & ASC Christian Services Committees.
  • Serve as contributor to Worship leadership including set-up/tear-down and other liturgical responsibilities and hosting/devotional speaking for Shalom and Greenroom worship gatherings a few times throughout the year.
  • Attend, participate whole-heartedly, and be available to assist in all Shalom & morning Chapel services.


  1. A hunger to love God & all others, as well as a passion for Incarnational ministry and holistic/spiritual formation
  2. Past experience in leading small groups/ministry teams
  3. Ability to motivate, encourage, actively listen, and authentically communicate to others
  4. The desire to creatively approach discipleship outside of programming and reach out to a diverse population of peers
  5. A team player willing to listen, learn, take initiative, and contribute time and talents diligently and responsibly.
  6. Responsible and dependable in carrying out designated tasks


Four meeting with SpiL Pastor: 4 hours/month
Four meetings with SpiL Student Leadership: 6 hours/month
Two meetings with Lyfe Group Leaders: 4 hours/month
Two one-on-one’s with each Lyfe Group Leader: 14 hours/month
Spiritual Life Office Hours: 12 hours/ month

     TOTAL: 40 hours/month (or 10 hours/week)

NOTE: All Spi.L. Interns are required to be present for and participate in the following mandatory events:   

  • The SpiL Student leadership orientation, training & “pre-season” ministry: August 27-31, 2013.
  • The SpiL Team “Floatabout” experience: September 6-8, 2013
  • Murdock “Vision & Call Internship” Retreat: October 4-6, 2013.
  • Participate & Assist with All Campus Retreats: Fall Retreat: Nov 8-10, 2013  /AND/  Spring Retreat: Feb 28- March 2, 2014
  • Winter Serve/SpiL Discipleship Retreat: January 1-4, 2014.
  • Serve as Student Leader for 1 Serve trip: Spring Serve: March 24-28, 2014  /OR/  Summer Serve: May or June 2014

STIPEND: Full Academic Year: $1500

QUESTIONS: Contact the Office of Spiritual Life; 503-554-2320 or spirituallife@georgefox.edu 

Apply for this position

TO COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION, we need three reference forms, one from each of the following: SPIRITUAL LEADER, PEER and FACULTY/STAFF. Please email those individuals the following link: