Summer / May Term

Summer housing is available from May 2 to August 5, 2016.  Please read this information carefully as it contains important details.

Summer Housing at George Fox University

Who is eligible for May Term/summer housing?

  • Students enrolled in May Term classes
  • International summer program students
  • George Fox summer student employees (Full time, 40 hours/week on-campus employment)
  • Summer research scholars
  • IDEA Center internship students 

How much does it cost?

  • May Term: $310
  • Summer employee: $95 (Students are taxed on a monthly benefit of $275. Please see below for more information.)
  • Summer research scholar: $95 (Students are taxed on a monthly benefit of $275. Please see below for more information.)
  • Approved IDEA Center Internship program: $300 (billed monthly) 
  • International summer program: Billed through International Student Services

How do I apply?

Fill out the online request form

When is the application due?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

What is the summer housing charge?

All summer residents are required to pay a one-time fee that helps offset costs associated with the provision of housing. Generally, this goes toward maintenance and administration of summer housing. Paying this fee does not release students from thoroughly cleaning their living area prior to checking out. This charge is not a deposit, is not refundable and is not able to be prorated.

How are students assigned to housing?

Students will be assigned to May Term/summer housing on a space available basis. Generally, the university will place students in open housing and apartments. Unfortunately, we are limited in our ability to consider living area preferences during this time. Assignments are based primarily on our need to facilitate summer checkouts and fall arrivals in early August.

Housing assignments for May Term and summer will be available when students check in on Monday, May 2. Because of the short turnaround time between spring semester and summer we are not able to provide this information until this time.

When will I be able to move into my May/summer housing?

Student will be able to move into their May/summer housing on Monday, May 2, starting around 4 p.m. Housing information and keys will be available for pick up at the Student Life Office from 4 to 8 p.m. that evening.

Students leaving for Juniors Abroad on or before May 2 and then returning for summer employment will move in after they return from their trip.

May Term students who will be working through the remainder of the summer will have one housing assignment for the duration.

Where will I stay until summer housing is ready?

Students are able to stay in their spring semester housing through the afternoon of Monday, May 2. These students will still need to check out with their RA at the appropriate time, but will be able to stay in campus housing until summer housing is ready. Please consult with your RA/AC regarding details.

Student living off-campus for spring semester and then moving into campus housing will not be able to move in until Monday evening, May 2.

What is the summer housing taxable benefit?

Summer employees are eligible for summer housing if they work full time (40 hours per week).  Students are not required to “pay” for on-campus housing, which is valued at $275 per month.  However, the IRS sees this summer housing as a taxable benefit associated with employment. Therefore the university is required to deduct additional taxes from the employee's paycheck based on the $275 per month housing value.

For example: If your earnings for the month of May total $1,200, your gross income would be valued at $1,475 (which includes the $275 housing benefit).  The taxes would be determined based on that $1,475 amount, not $1,200.  If the tax rate is 15%, that would work out to roughly $221 (15% of $1,475) compared to $180 (15% of $1,200). The difference is roughly $40 per month.

**Please note**

  • The numbers above are estimates only. If you need a more accurate breakdown regarding tax rates and your salary, please contact Human Resources (503-554-2180).
  • The $95 one-time summer housing charge must be paid even if you are eligible for the summer housing benefit.

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