Ethnic Clubs

Join the Ethnics Club! ALL students are invited to participate.

This year we have a mission: "Expanding Our Boundaries Together"

We want you all to know that Multiculturalism is not limited to, nor defined by things that are skin deep; we believe that culture encompasses all of who we are (i.e., style of music, attire, enjoyed activities, etc.). It is our hope to spread this message at George Fox University.

Black Student Union and Alliance (BSUA)

Mission Statement: The Black Student Union is designed to provoke all individuals to be educated and to educate regarding their history and culture in relation to one another and others. This includes but is not limited to studying the relevance of the two factors listed above, with respect to past, present, and future systems of American society, inclusive of ethics, morals, and law. We challenge the norms of society to exceed beyond the limitations that have been selected for certain groups of individuals. Through diligence and strategy we involve ourselves to alleviate the oppressed and strive for improvement in all categories. We strive not only equality, but to express why it is essential, and with pride through our education, serve as ambassadors and the face of the just for our people. We are the beginning of which there is no end. We are the BSUA.

Kacee Woods, President 
Dorothy Carter, Vice President
AnaVella Robles, Secretary
Derek Stewart Jr., Treasurer
Jordan Mitchell-Phillips, Special Events Coordinator
Oscar Betancourt, Events Coordinator
Colleen Huffman, Advisor 

Latino Heritage Club (LHC)

Mission statement: To explore the Latino heritage of its members and to promote Latino culture on campus with the purpose of engaging in a cross-cultural dialogue with students of Latino and non-Latino American backgrounds alike.

Sergio Cisneros, President
Austin Lopez, Vice-President
Elena De Jesus Hernandez, Secretary
Francisca Machic, Treasurer 
Natalie Campos, Event Coordinator
Janette Beltran, Advertisement Director

Hawai'i Club

Hawai'i Club's mission is to perpetuate the spirit of Aloha at George Fox University by establishing a warm and supportive environment for its members. We hope to provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures through social interactions to close the gap between different cultures. 

Bryan Yamashiro, President
Melissa Echiverri, Vice President
Jeyln Domingo, Secretary
Phoebe Calipjo, Treasurer
Quincy Woo, Historian
Toby Nguyen, Promoter 

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.