Undergraduate Student Handbook

The Hearing Process

When the course of action is a hearing, the following outlines the various aspects of this process.  Complainants are encouraged to participate in the hearing.  Any Complainant under Title IX, as well as other applicable University policies listed above, is informed of and may appeal the outcome of the hearing.

  1. The student(s) involved are entitled to an expeditious hearing of the incident.
  2. The hearing is informal in nature and does not adhere to formal rules or procedures, or rules followed by courts of law.
  3. The student(s) are entitled to the following in regard to the hearing:
    • Written notification of the time and place of the hearing.
    • Information regarding the procedures as outlined here.
    • A written or electronic statement that outlines the violations.
  4. The student(s) may appear at the hearing to present his/her involvement in the incident.  If a student chooses not to appear at the hearing, she/he must inform the student life administrator who is hearing the case.  In these instances the hearing may be conducted based on the written evidence.
  5. If a lawyer is consulted, such a person may give any advice she/he believes pertinent, but he/she may not enter into the community accountability procedures or attend the hearing.

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