Undergraduate Student Handbook


Any student who violates the lifestyle statement or community policies is held accountable for his/her actions through the community accountability process as outlined below:

  1. Student Life personnel conduct an investigation and meets with the student(s) to discuss the incident report and collect further facts regarding the incident.
  2. The student may select one of two courses of action:
  • The student(s) may admit the alleged violation and request the student life representative take whatever action seems appropriate.  In an investigation involving sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault, any Complainant under Title IX is informed of and may appeal the outcome.  In cases of harassment, discrimination, bias-related incidents or hate crimes, any Complainant is also informed of and may appeal the outcome as per University policy for these types of incidents.
  • The student(s) may deny the alleged violation, in which case a hearing is held before the Associate Dean of Students or Dean of Community Life (depending the nature of the violation), or his/her designee.

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