Undergraduate Student Handbook

Responding to Situations

It is difficult to codify how all incidents may be handled because each situation brings with it a unique set of circumstances. The response from student life personnel is designed to provide accountability and appropriate consequences for each student involved in a situation. The nature of the infraction, the severity of a violation, as well as the frequency of similar offenses, is considered in the community accountability process. The majority of situations result in specific consequences designed to help the student learn and grow in the following areas: character development, decision-making, understanding the importance of integrity, affirming their commitment to the community, being held responsible for their actions, receiving love and forgiveness, being honest and sincere, speaking the truth in love, and being fully restored to the community.

In serious circumstances students may receive a suspension warning and other appropriate consequences, accountability and support.  A suspension warning serves as a formal notice that a long-term suspension (either immediate or deferred termination of student status for one or more semesters) or dismissal (permanent termination of student status) may result if there are further violations of the lifestyle standards or community policies.

As the passage in Matthew suggests, there are times when an individual may need to leave the community for personal restoration and reconciliation. This is not done punitively, but in love and respect for the student involved and for the good of the community at large.  In egregious violations, consequences may include a long-term suspension or dismissal.   Suspensions and dismissals are rare occurrences made with careful deliberation. 

Students serving a long-term suspension or who have been dismissed are not permitted to be on campus property, attend class, live in campus housing, participate in university-sponsored co-curricular activities, attend university-sponsored events, or represent the university in any official capacity for the duration of the suspension.  The student’s academic advisor and instructors are informed of the suspension, but usually not of the circumstances leading to it.

In the case of a suspension or dismissal, the student’s financial aid would be revoked.  Even if the student successfully appeals their suspension or dismissal, or is readmitted, they still need to appeal their revoked financial aid status with Student Financial Services.

If a student chooses to withdraw before fulfilling the required community accountability sanctions, including suspension, these stipulations may need to be fulfilled before she/he is allowed to re-enroll.  Graduating students who do not complete assigned consequences may have their diploma and/or transcript withheld until the sanctions are complete.

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