Undergraduate Student Handbook

Responsibility for Self-Care Policy

The University believes it is important to foster an environment that encourages students to maintain a standard of responsibility for self-care (i.e., the ability to respond adequately to one's emotional, physical, and educational needs). Some students who are distressed engage in behaviors that impact their self-welfare or the welfare of the university community. These behaviors may require further assessment or support services by appropriate professionals to ensure the safety of the student and GFU community members.

Various resources on campus are available to assist students to return to adaptive levels of functioning. However, some students may be compromised in their ability to ensure their own self-care (i.e., to appropriately access these resources) due to the presence of suicidal ideation, eating disorders, thought disorders (i.e., psychosis), or other harmful behavior or actions.  Given that these students might not seek services voluntarily, or at the suggestion of staff, faculty, or administrators; they may need to be mandated to do so administratively. As such, students who exhibit an inability to maintain the standard of responsibility for self-care may be required to participate in a mandatory safety assessment process. The purpose of the mandatory assessment is to assure the student is connected with the appropriate services to afford the student the opportunity to improve her or his welfare, as well as to uphold the welfare of the community. 

The Responsibility for Self-Care is essential for students to continue in their enrollment at George Fox University. The expectation is for willing students to take advantage of supportive resources so they will be able to either stay in school or return to school, including situations that required hospitalization. This assumption is only challenged by the student's actual behavior after being engaged by the University’s administrative representative - such as multiple suicide attempts, broken safety contracts, and a general unwillingness to assume responsibility for the student’s self-welfare. The University is committed to assisting students within this process so they will be successful in their journey.

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