Undergraduate Student Handbook

Communications Statement

The university strives to communicate effectively through a variety of media. Students are expected to frequently check their campus mail boxes, their personal George Fox e-mail, and E-nnouncements.  These contain important information and deadlines for students.  As a student it is your responsibility to regularly access and follow through with pertinent information in these different forms of communication. 

Our goal is to help you have an amazing experience at Fox and we want you to have the important information that will assist you in your journey.

You can sign up for E-nnouncements here by clicking on the ‘letter’ icon on the E-nnouncements page.  Once you fill out the form you will need to confirm your subscription.  Check your e-mail for this confirmation process. 

Lifestyle Agreement - from admission application

The university seeks to admit students who will best succeed and benefit from a distinctly Christ-centered education and environment.  Members of the George Fox community demonstrate Christ-centered values and are committed to the integration of faith and learning.  Chapel attendance and Bible/religion courses are required of all students.

Affirming the following honor statement is a condition of admission.  Since signing it is a promise made to the university to maintain this standard for as long as a student is enrolled, it should be agreed to only by applicants who wholeheartedly support the lifestyle described therein.

In accordance with Christ-centered convictions honoring the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, the George Fox University community expects its students to follow a lifestyle that excludes gambling, the use or possesion of non-medicinal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, obscene or pornographic articles or literature, and forbids immoral sexual behavior.

When you signed your admission application you agreed to abide by our lifestyle agreement. 

The full lifestyle statement can be viewed on our website: http://www.georgefox.edu/offices/hr/lifestyle-statement.html

Use of the Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is provided to articulate the lifestyle standards, community policies, and other aspects of being a member of the George Fox community.  While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this handbook, in no sense is it to be considered a binding contract, and it may be changed at any time by action of appropriate bodies within the university.

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