Undergraduate Student Handbook

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is not tolerated in the George Fox community.  These behaviors also violate local, state and federal law.  Sexual assault can occur between any two people, regardless of age or gender.  The University highly encourages survivors to take advantage of the provided internal and external resources for reporting, support and help.


Sexual assault is defined as any nonconsensual sexual touching or intercourse, whether it is unforced or forced.  This includes any contact with intimate body parts of an individual.  It is also penetration, however slight, of any intimate body part with a body part or an object.

Consent is explicit, informed, voluntary and mutually understandable communication to willingly participate in specific sexual activity without pressure, threats, coercion, force or intimidation.  Either person must also be able to withdraw consent and cease any sexual activity at any time.  A current relationship, having previous sexual encounters, or silence from the individual may not be taken as an indication of consent.  Similarly, a passive response or sexual advances that are not resisted physically or verbally do not constitute consent.

Someone who is not of legal age, has a mental disorder, or is physically or mentally incapacitated may not give consent.  The use of alcohol or drugs may render an individual incapable of giving consent due to impaired judgment and the inability to make decisions or communicate intentions.  Consent may not be given by someone who is unconscious or unaware, or for any reason is unable to communicate her/his intentions.

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