Undergraduate Student Handbook

Community Policies - Section Three

Automobiles and Parking

All vehicles brought to campus, whether owned by employees, students, or the university, must be registered with Security Services.

For information about registering your vehicle, the Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations, or appealing a parking ticket, please visit http://www.georgefox.edu/offices/security/parking/index.html or their web page at security.georgefox.edu.

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Babysitting and Childcare

Because of safety concerns and insurance limitations, facilitating on-campus childcare is not permitted.

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General Safety and Facilities

Within our campus community, there are numerous issues regarding safety within academic, residential and auxiliary buildings.  Students are expected to comply with all day-to-day policies and procedures.  This includes, but is not limited to the following: appropriate entry, access and use of university facilities; as well as wearing appropriate attire, including shoes in buildings.  The University also prohibits activities such as: climbing interior or exterior walls of buildings or campus structures; climbing through windows; or being on any building roof or ledge.

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Fire Safety

In regard to fire safety, it is expected that community members will work to promote a healthy and safe campus environment, specifically avoiding behaviors that may put another community member at risk. Any interference with the normal operation of a fire alarm system and/or inappropriate and unauthorized use of firefighting equipment is prohibited and considered by the university to be serious and unacceptable behavior.

Furthermore, students are not permitted to discharge any type of fireworks or explosives in and around buildings, tamper with a building's electrical system, burn incense or have open flames (including candles) in or near campus buildings (with the exception of residence hall fireplaces), refuse to participate in or obstruct any fire drills, use open-coil appliances, or place any motorized vehicle in a building or on a porch.

All these behaviors violate the fire safety code and may be subject to fines, compensation for damages, and/or other appropriate responses.

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Non-Motorized Transportation

Non-motorized modes of transportation (including bicycles, roller blades, and scooters) are allowed on campus, but are prohibited from being ridden in any campus building.

Skateboarding, including longboarding, is prohibited in the Quad area of campus that is bordered by Carlton Way, Sheridan Street, Meridian Street, and North Street.  Skateboarding is permitted as a mode of transportation in other areas of campus providing the wheels stay in contact with the ground at all times while riding.  Students are encouraged to utilize the skate park located in Newberg.

All non-motorized modes of transportation must be operated in a respectful and safe manner on campus property, and should yield to pedestrians.

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George Fox University recognizes the right of students and other members of the university community to express their views or peacefully protest against actions and opinions with which they disagree. The university also stresses a concurrent obligation to maintain an on-campus atmosphere conducive to academic work, to preserve the dignity and seriousness of the university ceremonies and public exercises, and to respect the rights of all individuals.

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Security and Crime Statistics

In compliance with the Clery Act, crime statistics and security policies are available on the Security Services office look online atsecurity.georgefox.edu.

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Theft or damage to property of another, including members of the university community or on university premises is not permissible. Cases of theft should be reported to the police and Security Services.

Students can help prevent theft by the following Property Theft Prevention guidelines on the Security Service site athttp://www.georgefox.edu/offices/security/personalsafety.html#property.

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Weapons and Fire Arms

The safety and security of all members of our community is of utmost importance. The university prohibits the possession or use of firearms (including air rifles, air soft pistols, and paint guns), ammunition, or other types of weapons or explosives in or upon university-owned or university-supervised property.

 Any weapons, firearms or items that fire a hard projectile or paint ball, may be confiscated by university personnel.

Large knives or swords are prohibited on-campus, including all residential buildings.  Small pocket knives (less than 4” blade) are permitted on-campus.

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