Welcome Letter - VP from Student Life

"To the Christian . . . the development of an inquiring mind becomes an expression of faith and hope and love addressed to God."
- Arthur F. Holmes

Brad Lau

It is certainly my pleasure to welcome you to a year of personal growth on the campus of George Fox University! We are thrilled that you have joined this living and learning community and look forward to engaging in the challenges and opportunities of the coming year with you. It is our deepest hope and commitment that you will find George Fox to be a caring and supportive Christ-centered home where you are stretched intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

 During your time at GFU, you will undoubtedly grow in every area of your life. Certainly, your mind will be challenged and equipped as you interact with professors and peers in class, engage in significant conversations in the residence halls, and write thoughtful research papers. In addition, as a community that believes Christ brings coherence to one's academic pursuits as well as to all of life, we hope that you will make the most of every opportunity to grow spiritually.

Our desire is that you will live life to the fullest as you surrender to God's will each day and experience His grace, power, and provision. You will also have many opportunities to put your faith and learning into practice. Clearly, we live in a world that desperately needs well-prepared persons of deep character and conviction who will love and serve other people. This is a part of God's calling on your life as a GFU student (and, one day, as a graduate) . . . to love and serve others in tangible ways.

George Fox University seeks to cultivate a community that glorifies God, respects and celebrates diversity in its many forms, and encourages your academic success and personal growth. We welcome your unique strengths, talents, reflections, ideas, and experiences and anticipate a great year together as God shapes our lives and our community.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please don't hesitate to stop by my office on the third floor of the Stevens Center, call me at 503-554-2312, or e-mail me at blau@georgefox.edu . The Office of Student Life is here to serve you and our sincere desire is that you will experience God's grace and power in the coming year!

Wishing you God's richest blessings,

Brad Lau
Brad A. Lau
Vice President for Student Life

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