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‘prepares students spiritually’

Monday and Wednesday morning chapel, Tuesday evening Shalom, and “First Fridays” are all times the community gathers for prayer, worship, and reflection centered around Christ and actively listening to God’s call on our lives, as individuals and as Christ’s diverse body at Fox. Because George Fox University highly values being a Christ-centered community that prepares students spiritually as well as academically and professionally, each student is required to participate in 20 of these chapel programs each semester and obtain participation credit by remembering to slide their ID card and stay for the entirety of the gathering. Other similar opportunities that also count for participation credit are Spanish Chapel, Contemplative Worship (unprogrammed), Fellowship of Christian Athletes, International Student chapel, "CREO" (creative reflection through worshipful arts), and “Faith & Film” (spiritual formation discussions to be found in movies). More details are available on the Spiritual Life website.

Greenroom is a student-led gathering and space for prayer and worship through music, singing, Scripture reading and reflection. It is held on Fridays from 10:40 to 11:30 a.m. in Bauman Auditorium. It is a student-led tradition that began more than 10 years ago when students began spontaneously gathering for prayer and worship in the Greenroom that is backstage in the Bauman Auditorium.

Spiritual Life at George Fox University

‘... to think with clarity and act with integrity ...’

The Spiritual Life (“Spi.L.”) House is located on the southwest corner of campus, at the corner of Sheridan and Meridian, and is where our university pastoral team offices are housed and pastors are available to meet with students for prayer, spiritual direction and pastoral counseling in times of spiritual crisis. There you will be able to find Sarah Baldwin, university pastor and dean of spiritual life, leading the rest of the “Spi.L.” team: Jamie Johnson, associate pastor for Christian leadership; Kayin Griffith, spiritual life coordinator; and Rusty St. Cyr, associate pastor for ministry and service.

Student chaplains and Spi.L. assistants are recruited each year to serve as cultivators of spiritual friendships and Christian community throughout campus primarily through leading worship gatherings in the various living areas, initiating one-to-one spiritual companionship and accountability with peers, and forming and facilitating Lyfe Groups on and off-campus for ongoing reflection on integrating Christian vision and practice in students’ daily lives. For more on Lyfe Group resources, visit Lyfe.org.uk.

‘... and serve with passion!’

Through the collaborated efforts of the Associated Student Community (student government at Fox) and Spi.L., students are encouraged, recruited and supported in a variety of efforts to come alongside as neighbors to people in need all around us and abroad. Students can volunteer locally as “Little Bruinmentors (to Newberg elementary through high school students), Adopt-a-Grandparent volunteers, through James Project, as well as developing need-meeting friendships with those living homelessly through weekly Urban Services to Portland and Salem. Students will be informed about these opportunities in chapel/Shalom and by the ASC offices.

During the winter, spring and summer breaks, we recruit, prepare and send out various volunteer teams on one-week Transformational Trips to Twin Rocks Camp, to downtown areas of Portland and Seattle, to the Makah Nation/Reservation in Neah Bay, Wash., and to the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. We also host three-week trips to various locations and Christian organizations abroad with which we are developing long-term global partnerships (i.e. Peru, Swaziland, Romania, Moldova, etc.). Students will have a chance to both learn about these opportunities and submit applications for these trips on campus in October.

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