From the Executive Director

George Fox University students have a unique impact on our world. Having served in the area of alumni and parent relations for nearly 12 years, I now have a history of seeing talented George Fox students become alumni who impact God’s kingdom in amazing ways. Many of them stay in touch and share their lives with faculty and friends at the university – so we get to hear about the wonderful ways they are spending their lives.

Leslie Sesser (‘01) is an audit manager for one of the Big Four accounting firms in the Seattle area. She is also a volunteer leader with Young Life. She has shared with us how her work colleagues, who know she is a Young Life leader, watch her example in the work place. "They are close enough to see how I use Christ’s example in my business conduct – when I choose to respond to an infuriating e-mail from a client with kindness rather than anger, when I exhibit patience in teaching a new staff member, when I’m sympathetic and understanding of someone going through a hard time, when I tell the truth, and when I admit I’ve made a mistake and ask for forgiveness." For Leslie, the integration of faith and everyday life has been driven by the priorities she has set and by the awareness she has of her opportunities to influence others through living kingdom values in her everyday life.

Ben Weinert (‘03) is the assistant program director and assistant residential director at Heartlight Ministries in East Texas. He joined that team right after graduating in 2003. Heartlight Ministries is a residential counseling center for struggling teens between 13 and 17 years of age. At Heartlight, teens progress through a six-level rehabilitation program in hopes of getting back home to their families. Counselors help these young people deal with drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, adoption and abandonment issues, depression, physical abuse, low self-esteem and loss. Most of the students come from Christian homes. Ben has discovered that his residents typically don’t want to have anything to do with God. He believes a radical approach to sharing the gospel is necessary and that, like Jesus, a relational approach to ministry is most effective. This experience has taught him how to live what he believes.

These examples are only two of a long line of amazing testimonies I could share with you. George Fox alumni are unique. They are seekers of Truth who live out their conviction and values in the real world. They are the heart and soul of why we do what we do at George Fox University.

Pray for your students and the journeys they are on! Rejoice in the times they try new things, or join a serve trip to minister to others, or find a way to make their chosen degree path impact lives. It’s all heading to something BIG!

Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations