From Student Financial Services

For parents of returning students, it is that time of year to think about getting the FAFSA filed for the 2010-11 academic year. The FAFSA form has been revamped with a new format that will make filing easier. Be sure to have the correct PIN numbers to electronically sign. Using the wrong PIN or not including the parent PIN on the FAFSA can cause delays in receiving your financial aid award.

Oregon residents who have received an Oregon Opportunity Grant need to file as soon as possible because there will be significant budget cuts to this program for 2010-11. Please have your student(s) file the FAFSA form by mid March. You can always estimate your income information and correct it later when your taxes are done.

If your child (student) is getting married please encourage them to meet with their financial aid counselor before filing the FAFSA. Those that wait can file as independent students and are able to file without parent tax information.

Students who advance a grade level after the Fall semester may be able to increase their Stafford loan for the Spring semester. In addition to covering a balance, these additional funds can help lower a monthly payment or reduce a PLUS or alternative loan. Students need to contact their financial aid counselor if they think they may qualify.

Online applications are currently being accepted for 2010-11 donor-funded GFU scholarships. All returning traditional undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Applications will be accepted online only until March 1, 2010 at 5:00pm. Interested students should sign on to their MyGFU account to access the application under “Student Resources”. Look for the “2010 Newberg UG Scholarships” link which will link directly to the sign-in page.

When contacting Student Financial Services, please remember that your student must have a signed release form on file with our office in order for us to answer questions specific to your student. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restricts our office from releasing personal information without a student’s consent. The FERPA release form is available either online at or in the Student Financial Services Office. All release forms are kept on file from year-to-year unless replaced with a new one from the student. While we are eager to speak with parents to address any questions they may have regarding financial aid or their student’s account, it is up to the student to allow us to have this conversation. Please be aware that there is a separate release form for the Registrar’s Office.
To contact your Financial Aid Counselor:

A-G Chris Schlarbaum
H-O Marla Sweningson
P-Z Terri Crawford