Clinical Colloquia


October 4, 2011: "Motivational Interviewing" & "A Work in Progress" What it is, Why to use it 
Michael Fulop, PsyD

November 2 2011: "Cross-Cultural Psychological Assessment"
Tedd Judd, PhD  


October 6, 2010:  “Primary Care Behavioral Health: Where Body, Mind (& Spirit) Meet” 
Neftali Serrano, PhD

October 27, 2010:  “Best practices in Multi-cultural assessment”  
Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara, PhD

February 23, 2011:  “Child custody evaluations: not for everyone.  Review of recent APA practice guidelines" 
Wendy Bourg Ransford, PhD

March 16, 2011:  “Neurobiological effects of trauma”  
Anna Berardi, PhD


September 23, 2009:  “Multi-cultural counseling: An alternative conceptualization"    
Carlos Taloyo, PhD

February 17, 2010:  “Integrative and Clinical Dimensions of Gratitude”  
Phil Watkins, PhD.

March 17, 2010:  “Current Guidelines For Working With Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients; The new APA practice guidelines”
Carol Carver, PhD.

June 4, 2010:  “Outcomes Measure, Reimbursement, and the Future of Psychotherapy”   
Jeb Brown, PhD

June 4, 2010:  
“The Wechsler Memory Scale-4th Edition: Overview and Use with the Advanced Clinical Solutions for the Wechsler Scales”    
James A. Holdnack, PhD


October 29, 2008:  “Towards a Global Christian Psychology: re-considering culture and context”
J. Derek McNeil, PhD

April 8, 2009:  “Treatment and teaching interventions for children with Autism"  
Gary Mesibov, PhD

June 5, 2009:  “The MMPI-2-RF” 
Yosef Ben-Porah, PhD


November 13, 2007:  “Assessment of Risk”
Alex Milkey, PhD, Elena Balduzzi, PhD, Dan Smith, PhD

February 13, 2008:  “The psychology of forgiveness in clinical practice" 
Nathanial G Wade, PhD

June 4, 2008:  “WAIS-IV: Overview and Clinical Applications”  
Larry Weiss, PhD.


October 18, 2006:  
“The role of prayer in coping with difficult life situations” 
Patrick Bennett PhD

October 20, 2006:  “Motivational Interviewing”
William Miller, PhD

November 10, 2006:  “Integration: Whatever is That”
Richard Gorsuch, PhD

March 1, 2007:  “Advocacy for Psychologists”
Robin Henderson, PsyD

April 5, 2007:  “Multi Religious and Multicultural Perspectives”
Winston Seegobin, PhD

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