Faith Integration

George Fox University provides a Christian context for PsyD training, rooted in and influenced by the Friends (Quaker) tradition. While aspects of faith and spirituality are part of most courses as the context is appropriate, eight specific courses define a formal faith integration component in the curriculum.

Three of the required courses are team taught along with a theologian or biblical scholar who is a faculty member in the College of Christian Studies. The role of the psychologist in those classes is to help apply and integrate the theological/biblical concepts with psychology.

The Spiritual Formation series (three courses) is designed to be experiential and applied. Students are challenged to think about individual and community formation, as well as seeing psychology as an act of service in a hurting world.

Two additional integration courses bookend the curriculum, with the first-year students taking an introduction to integration and fourth-year students taking a capstone course highlighting religious and spiritual issues in the work of professional psychologists.

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