FAQs - Research Vertical Teams

Research Vertical Teams

How do you do research at George Fox University?

We provide research in a sequence. Classwork is completed within the first two years.
First year: Students visit all of the research vertical teams (RVT). A team consists of a faculty adviser, second-, third-, and fourth-year students, all of whom are engaged in research at various stages.
Second year: Students commit to a team and choose a topic or theme. The faculty adviser of the team becomes their adviser. It is hoped that a dissertation proposal will be submitted by the end of the year.
Third year: Students begin research on their chosen topic. Often faculty advisers will take members of their team to conferences to present their findings during their third or fourth years.
Fourth year: Students are encouraged to complete their research in the form of a dissertation before beginning their internship. This allows students to devote full attention to their internship experience and may help in their selection of an internship site. We are pleased that a very high percentage of our students complete their dissertations on time.

Sample topics of current research include:
  • Cognitive testing in children
  • Validation studies on new projective assessment tool, Thurston-Cradock Test of Shame
  • Diagnosing ADHD among gifted students
  • Attention and working memory, visual perception
  • Sports psychology
  • Postmodernism (recent dissertations: modern parents and their postmodern teens)
  • Religious issues and integration
  • Spiritual well-being, spiritual maturity, spiritual disciplines
  • Marital satisfaction among psychologists
  • Marriage and family dysfunction and assessment
  • Rural psychology
  • Treatment of depression
  • Mental health services in a correctional setting
  • Child and adult memory assessment
  • The role of memory in exceptional spellers
  • Fathering and locus of control
  • Forensics
  • Social responsibility
Miscellaneous Opportunities:
Faculty often include students in periodic training opportunities, such as providing consulting services on site at a Philippines missionary school or co-leading a training workshop to an under-served region of Hawaii.

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