Religion in Eastern Europe


1996-1999 Articles

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Volume XIX, Number 6, December 1999

 Download Liberation from the Soviet Past - Post-Gulag Theologies?
by Mikhail Sergeev
 Download Historical Roots of Slovenian Christoslavic Mythology
by Mitja Velikonja
 Download Ten Years Later - Reflections on Revisiting Ex-Yugoslavia, June 1999
by Gerald & Sara Wenger Shenk

Volume XIX, Number 5, October 1999

 Download Church State and Nation in Ukraine
by Serhii Plokhy
Article not available

Tendencies of Change and Growth of New Religious Movements in Ukraine
by Lyudmila Filipovich

Volume XIX, Number 4, August 1999

 Download A Religious Organization in the Latvian State: Its Rights and Obligations
by M. L. Ringolds Balodis
 Download Impressions from Travelling in Russia/Ukraine and Central Asia
by Walter Sawatsky
 Download Perspectives on Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren Today
by Czech Working Group Newsletter

Volume XIX, Number 3, June 1999

 Download Muslim Community in the Republic of Croatia
by Neven Duvnjak
Article not available Life of Aleksandr Men: Hagiography in the Making
by Janet M. Wehrle

Volume XIX, Number 2, April 1999

View Download From Religious Tolerance to Mutual Cooperation in the Balkans
by Marko P. Djuric
View Download Kissing the Crucifix - Practical Steps toward Effective Ecumenical Dialogue and Cooperation in Romania
by Paul Botica

Volume XIX, Number 1, February 1999

View Download The Problems Facing Orthodox Theological Education in Russia
by Hieromonk Hilarion (Alfeyev)
View Download Recent Research on Evangelical Theological Education in Post-Soviet Societies
by Mark Elliott

Volume XVIII, Number 6, December 1998

View Download Denominational and Cultural Models and a Possible Ecumenical Strategy from a Romanian Context -- Part II: The Christian Churches and Social Responsibility
by Péter Lakatos
View Download Nationalistic Tendencies in the Slovak Roman Catholic Church
by Frans Hoppenbrouwers

Volume XVIII, Number 5, October 1998

View Download Denominational and Cultural Models and a Possible Ecumenical Strategy from a Romanian Context
by Péter Lakatos
View Download Book Review:
Hieromonakh Pavel Stefanov, Istoria na Ruskata pravoslavna tserkva prez XX vek. (History of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th Century) Shumen (Bulgaria) : "Aksios," 1997
Reviewed by Spas T. Raikin
View Download

Book Review:
Paul Mojzes ed., Religion and the War in Bosnia. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1998
Reviewed by Mark Jantzen

View Download When Will the Croatian Split End?
by Bill Yoder
View Download Report on Balkan Evangelical Conference (1998) and Declaration of the Second Balkan Evangelical Conference
by Branko Bjelajac
View Download Testimony of His Grace Artemije, Bishop, the Serbian Orthodox Church

Volume XVIII, Number 4, August 1998

Download Religious Discourse on the Conflict in Nagorno Karabakh
by Hratch Tchilingirian
View Download Religious Pluralism in the Romanian Context
by Vasile Alexandru Talos
View Download A Report on Evangelicals in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1996-97
by Branko Bjelajac

Volume XVIII, Number 3, June 1998

View Download The Catholic Church and Reconciliation with the Orthodox in Eastern and Central Europe
by Ronald G. Roberson
View Download Reconciliation: Gift of God and Source of New Life. A Catholic Reflection
by J. Janko Zakar
View Download The Social Meaning of Reconciliation
by Miroslav Volf
View Download Public Statement by Decani Orthodox Monastery
View Download Book Review:
Vaclav Vasko, Unsilenced (Neumlcena)
Reviewed by Radomir Maly
View Download Book Review:
Bohdan R. Bociurkiw, The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Soviet State (1939-1950)
Reviewed by Walter Sawatsky

Volume XVIII, Number 2, April 1998

article not available Sharing the Power: The Growth of Non-Traditional Religions in Poland 
by Anna Zagorska
article not available Judaism and the Future of Orthodoxy
by Grigori Benevitch
article not available Between the Vyatka and Volga in the West, the Ishim and Irtysh in the East: History and Current Situations of the Old Belief. Materials for an Atlas of Old Believers
by Victor I. Baidin and Larissa S. Soboleva
article not available On Peculiar Features of the Old Believers' Culture in the Ural Region
by Larissa S. Soboleva

Volume XVIII, Number 1, February 1998

article not available The Secular Spirituality of Former Eastern Bloc Dissidents - Part II
by Leslie A. Muray
article not available SHALL THE TWAIN EVER MEET? On the Cancellation of the June 1997 Meeting of the Pope of Rome and the Patriarch of Moscow
by Ralph Della Cava
View Download ON BEING AGENTS OF GOD'S PEACE: Relationship and Roles of the Roman Catholic Church in Croatia and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Ethnic Conflict in Former Yugoslavia
by Tatjana Peric

Volume XVII, Number 6, December 1997

View Download Victims' Right to Truth
by Donald W. Shriver, Jr.
View Download The Secular Spirituality of Former Eastern Bloc Dissidents - Part I
by Leslie A. Muray
View Download Reflections on the "Invisible" Religion of Youth: The Case of Latvia
by Leons G. Taivans

Volume XVII, Number 5, October 1997

View Download Proselytism, Religion, and Dthnificification of Politics: A Sociological Analysis
by Srdjan Vrcan
View Download Evangelism and Proselytism in Croatia
by Stanko Jambrek
View Download The Problem of Proselytizing in Slovenia
by Drago Ocvirk
View Download Book Review:
Ion Bria: Romania: Orthodox Identity at a Crossroads of Europe, Geneva: WCC Publications, 1995
Reviewed by Earl A. Pope

Volume XVII, Number 4, August 1997

View Download Why do People Join the Churches in Estonia?
by Tonu Lehtsaar
View Download The Fight for Freedom of Conscience in Russia 1992-1995: The Story of the Law on Religion - Part II
by Yakov Krotov
View Download Expectation and Reality: Theological Education Among Baptists in Ukraine
by Mary Raber
article not available A.M. Kool, God Moves in a Mysterious Way: The Hungarian Protestant Foreign Mission (1756-1951) 
by Leslie A. Muray

Volume XVII, Number 3, June 1997

View Download Proselytizing, Missionary Activity and the Law in Russia
by Tatiana Volguina
article not available Whence the Anger?
by Georgi Chistyakov
article not available The Fight for Freedom of Conscience in Russia 1992-1995: The Story of the Law on Religious Confession - Part I
by Yakov Krotov
article not available Report on Black Sea Summer Seminar: The Role of the Religious Communities in the Black Sea Region
by Earl Pope and Thomas E. Yorty

Volume XVII, Number 2, April 1997

View Download Freedom of Religion and the Legal Status of Religion in Russia
by Larisa Skuratovskaya
View Download Report on the Catholic Church in Eastern Europe
by Joseph Loya
View Download The New Patterns of State Control: The State and Civic Education in Yugoslavia
by Slobodanka Nedovic

Volume XVII, Number 1, February 1997

View Download Why is there no Russian "Protestant" Theology in Russia? A Personal Outcry
by Alexander I. Negrov with Miriam Charter
View Download The Czech Catholic Church: Restoration or Renewal?
by Daniel DiDomizio
View Download Trip Report, Destination: Republic of Croatia
by Marie and Charles Mercer
View Download Jews and Christians of Russia and Ukraine Speak about Anti-Semitism
by Ralph Della Cava

Volume XVI, Number 6, October 1996

View Download The Easter Ball: Interaction between Secularism and Religion in Romania
by Liviu Vanau
article not available Dynamics of Inter-Ethnic Tensions in Bulgaria and the Balkans
by Krasimir Kavez

Volume XVI, Number 5, October 1996

View Download Religion, Conflict and Prospect for Peace in Bosnia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia
by Gerard F. Powers
View Download Bosnian Elections
by Reid Westrem
View Download Reunion of the Roots and Fruits of the Same Tree
by Charles D. Rodenbough

Volume XVI, Number 4, August 1996

article not available Reflections on the Religionless Society: The Case of Albania
by Denis R. Janz
View Download A Philosophic "Evangelist" in Eastern Europe
by Dane Gordon
View Download Muslims and Their Organizations in Russia
by Dimitry Mikulski
View Download Religious Studies in Russia
by Paul Mojzes
View Download Readers' Response: Questions from the Inferno
by Dane Gordon

Volume XVI, Number 3, June 1996

View Download To Win the Hearts and Minds: Evangelical Mission Activity in Albania as a Global Culture War
by Linford Stutzman
View Download Religious Life in Ukraine: Continuity and Change
by Andrii Krawchuk
View Download Russian Orthodoxy: Renewal or Revival
by Mikhail Sergeev
article not available Religious Seriousness: A Lesson from Postcommunist Europe
by Dane R. Gordon
View Download Evangelical-Orthodox Dialogue in Russia on the Eve of the Tenth Anniversary of Chernobyl
by Michael J. Christensen

Volume XVI, Number 2, April 1996

View Download Ecumenism, Evangelism, and Religious Liberty
by Paul Mojzes
View Download Ecumenism, Evangelism, and Religious Freedom in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics
by Archbishop Anatoly (Kunznetsov) of Kerch
View Download East European Missions, Perestroika, and Orthodox-Evangelical Tensions
by Mark Elliott
article not available Methodist Missionaries in Mother Russia
by Paul Crego
View Download Established Religion vs. New Religions: Social Perception and Legal Consequences
by Halina Grzymala-Moszscznska
article not available Stepping Out for a Little Air: Some Perspectives on Higher Education in Religion in Russia
by Jeffrey Kisner

Volume XVI, Number 1, February 1996

View Download The Election of Karekin I: Armenian Church, Nation, and the Gospel Witness
by Vigen Guroian
View Download The Roles of Religion in the Former Yugoslavia
by Larry A. Dunn
View Download Religious Liberty: The State Church and Minority Faiths
by Gerard F. Powers
View Download Fishing in the Neighbor's Pond: Mission and Proselytism as Challenge to Theology and Church Life in Eastern Europe
by Miroslav Volf