Religion in Eastern Europe


2000 Articles

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Volume XX, Number 1 February 2000

 Download The Saving of the Jews: The Case of Mother Maria (Scobtsova)
by Grigori Benevitch
 Download Traditional Faiths in Ukraine and Missionary Activity
by Anatoly Kolodniy

Volume XX, Number 2 April 2000

 Download The Problems of Euro-Asian Theology for the New Millennium
by Sergei Nikolaev
 Download Evangelical Theological Schools in FSU Now Accrediting
by Walter Sawatsky
 Download The Roman Catholic Church and the State in the Czech Republic: Property Relations and
Legislative Policies
by Sidonie F. Winter

Volume XX, Number 3 June 2000

 Download Ministry in Eastern Europe from a National Council of Churches (USA) Perspective
by Paul Wilson
 Download Denominational Perspective on Ministry in Eastern Europe
by Duncan Hanson
 Download Orthodoxy and Ecumenism in Eastern Europe Today
by Leonid Kishkovsky
 Download New Roles for CAREE Since the Great Transformation
by Walter Sawatsky

Volume XX, Number 4 August 2000

 Download What Shall We Talk About Today? Righteousness as an Issue of Christian and Islamic Dialogue
by Marko P. Djuric
 Download The Role of the Icon in the Serbian Krsna Slava Celebration - Ecclesiastical and Missiological Challenges
by Dimitrije Popadic
 Download Religious Minorities in Russia: Help or Hindrance to Development of Civil Society? Roman Catholics
by Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr.
 Download Divine Wisdom and the Trinity: a 20th Century Controversy in Orthodox Theology
by Mikhail Sergeev

Volume XX, Number 5 October 2000

 Download Toward Religious Freedom in Ukraine: Indigenous Churches and Foreign Missionaries
by Myrosolav Marynovitch
 Download Legacy of St. Innocent Apostle of America, Enlightener of Siberia, Metropolitan of Moscow ( 1797- 1879)
by Sergei Shirokov
 Download Report on Inter-religious Dialogue in Moscow
by John T. Pawlikovski
 Download Building for the Future: Worldview Foundations of Sand and Rock
by Michael Goheen

Volume XX, Number 6 December 2000

 Download A Protestant Perspective on Mission in Eastern and Central Europe
by Anne-Marie Kool

Hard Data on Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches
by Nathaniel Davis
Tribulations, Trials and Troubles for the Russian Orthodox Church
by Nathaniel Davis