Religion in Eastern Europe


2001 Articles

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Volume XXI, Number 1 February  2001

 Download Russia on the Threshold: Orthodox Tradition and Protestant Ethics
by Leons G. Taivans
 Download Fr. Józef Tischner (1931-2000): Chaplain of Solidarnosc and Philosopher of Hope
by Gerald J. Beyer
 Download Book Review:

Paul Benjamin Gordiejew, Voices of Yugoslav Jewry. (Albany: SUNY Press, 1999)
-Reviewed by Paul Mojzes

Volume XXI Number 2 April 2001

 Download Religion and the Historiography of Eastern Europe
by James R. Payton
 Download The Czech Republic - Problems of Catholic Theological Education Ten Years After the Velvet Revolution
by Janice Broun
 Download Response to Alexander I. Negrov's "Why is There no Russian Protestant Theology?"
by Evgeni V. Pavlov
 Download Orthodoxy and Democracy: Sophiological Themes in the Philosophy of Nikolai Losskii
by Mikhail Sergeev

Volume XXI Number 3 June 2001

 Download The problems of Theological Education: The Experience of Lutheran Institutions in the CIS
by Gerd Stricker
 Download The Future of Theological Education Within the European Baptist Federation
by Karl Heinz Walter
 Download Book Notes
by Walter Sawatsky

Volume XXI Number 4 August 2001

 Download Roman Catholicism in Post-Soviet Russia; Searching for Acceptance
by Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr.
 Download An Ethical Evaluation of Poland's Transition to Capitalism and the Roman Catholic Church's Response
by Gerald J. Beyer
 Download Nurturing a Culture of Dialogue - Report of the Visit to Skopje, Macedonia, June 14-19, 2001
by Paul Mojzes, Leonard Swidler

Volume XXI Number 5 October 2001

 Download Assessing Pope John Paul II's Visit to Ukraine
by Ralph Della Cava
 Download In Hoc Signo Vinces: Religious Symbolism in the Balkan Wars
by Mitja Velikonja
 Download The Future of Religion and Religious Freedom in Russia
by Sharon Linzey and Iakov Krotov
 Download Book Review:

Ruben Knezevi, Pregled povijesti baptizma na hrvatskom prostoru (An Overview of the Histroy of Baptism on the Croatian Soil)
-Reviewed by Davorin Peterlin