Religion in Eastern Europe


2004 Articles

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Volume XXIV, Number 1 February 2004

Download Public Theology In Central Europe
By Charles C. West
Download Theology Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
By Milan Opočenský

In The Name of God? The Problem of Religious or Non-religious Preambles to State Constitutions in Post-atheistic Contexts
By Konrad Schmid

Download The Church and Democracy in Central Europe
By Tamas Kodácsy

Book Review:

Vasil Gluchman. Slovak Lutheran Social Ethics. Studies in Religion and Society, Vol. 37. Edwin Mellon Press, 1997.
-Reviewed By Paul Brndjar

Volume XXIV, Number 2 April 2004

Download Church in Democratic Transition Between the State and Civil Society
By Vedran Horvat
Download Schism in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and its Repercussions on Religious Developments and the New Law of Confessions
By Janice Broun
Download Is Religious Freedom Possible?
By Gordana Živković
Download Book Reviews:

Timothy Barnes, Catholicism in Postcommunist Europe.
-Reviewed by Joseph Loya

Anna Marie Aagaard and Peter Bouteneff, Beyond the East-West Divide: The World Council of Churches and "the Orthodox Problem." Geneva: WCC Publications, 2001.
-Reviewed by Paul L. Gavrilyuk

Volume XXIV, Number 3 June 2004

Download Czech Protestants Between Socialist Czechoslovakia and European Union
by Petr Pokorný
Download Slovak Lutheran Social Ethics
by Vasil Gluchman
Download Orthodoxy in a New Europe: Problems and Perspectives
by Bishop Hilarion (Alfayev)
Download Overcoming the Totalitarian Past
by Sergey Averintsev
Download Orthodoxy in America: Diaspora or Church?
by Leonid Kishkovsky

Volume XXIV, Number 4 August 2004

Download Reflections on the Contemporary Religious "Revival": Religion, Secularization, Globalization
by Nonka Bogomilova
Download Theologies of Church Government in the Hungarian Lutheran Church During Communism (1945-1990)
by Tibor Fabiny, Jr.
Download What does it Mean to be a Missionary Church Today?
by Janos Pasztor

Book Review:

"Eastern Orthodoxy through Western Eyes" through Eastern Eyes: An Eastern Reflection on Donald Fairbairn's Eastern Orthodoxy through Western Eyes
-Reviewed by Walter D. Ray

Volume XXIV, Number 5 October 2004

Download Advice from St. Maximos Confessor for Contemporary Macedonians
by James R. Payton, Jr.
Download Faith and History - Hromádka's Public Theology
by Jindrich Halama, Jr.
Download Eastern Europe: OSCE Conference on Discrimination - a Regional Survey
by Felix Corley
Download Book Reviews:

"Towards a New Paradigm in Transitology" Frank Bönker, Klaus Müller, and Andreas Pickel. eds. Postcommunist Transformation and the Social Sciences: Cross-Disciplinary Approaches.
- Reviewed by Boyka Stefanova

Sandu Frunzã, editor, Filosofie şi Religie: O Abordare Multidisciplinarã (Philosophy and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Approach).
- Reviewed by Michael S. Jones

Mary M. Leder. My Life in Stalinist Russia: An American Woman Looks Back. Edited by Laurie Bernstein, introduction by Laurie Bernstein and Robert Weinberg.
- Reviewed by Robin Bisha

Volume XXIV, Number 6 December 2004

Download The Catholic Church in Hungary Now
by András Máte-Tóth
Download Modernist Hermeneutics in Ottokár Prohászka
by Leslie A. Muray
Download Evanston after Fifty Years
by Norman A. Hjelm
Download Church and State Relations in Present-day Serbia (I)
by Angela Ilič
Download Book Reviews:

Gershon David Hundert, Jews in Poland-Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century.
(Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004).
- Reviewed by Stephen J. Chernoski

Charles R. Shrader, The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia - A Military History, 1992-1994.
(College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2003).
- Reviewed by Tal Tovy